Smells Like Sixteen Spirit

Posted by Iannucci | 4/19/2006 | 0 comments »
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Lost in the endless stories of the tragic death of Paul Dana was the slightly less earth-shattering news that Danica! was pursuing the marketing of her own fragrance. That’s a perfume for those of you in the rest of America.

Now, presumably this will not make someone smell like they just spent several hours in a firesuit on a hot summer day, but no matter the scent I’m not quite sure who would buy this. Does a guy buy it to make his girl smell like Danica? Oh, that wouldn’t go over very well now. Does a girl buy this to make herself smell like her man’s favorite reason for not spending time with her on Sunday? I’m guessing no.

No name has been released yet – in fact, as of last month Danica! was still looking to close an endorsement deal. However, you can peruse several suggestions including "Deep Throttle," "Va-Va-Vroom," and "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines."