Mr. Cheever Goes to Town

Posted by Iannucci | 6/08/2006 | 0 comments »
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After the events in Watkins Glen last weekend, Eddie Cheever Jr’s Christmas Card list got a bit shorter. Old Man Cheever was cited by not one but two drivers as taking them out, and the two drivers just happened to be wunderkinds Andretti 3.0 and Danica! Of course, it was only a matter of time before the Old Man responded.

Andretti 3.0 was pretty peeved since he had a shot at winning at the time of his accident. Considering the frustrating turn of events the previous week, even his father Andretti 2.0 was pretty upset.

A3: “If he says he didn’t know I was [alongside], he doesn’t belong in the series.”
A2: “(He’s) a complete idiot."
OMC: "To think I would intentionally take anyone out is just ludicrous. It's beyond words. It was a racing accident, pure and simple. There certainly wasn't any intent, so I find the accusations incomprehensible."

Me thinks the old fella doth protest too much. Meanwhile Danica! was a bit more diplomatic in here exchange.

D!: "It is unfortunate and it is silly. There was no point in doing something so desperate on a restart."
OMC: “She did that all by herself."

Whether he is right or wrong - the replays were inconclusive – Old Man Cheever will fall on the wrong side of public opinion on this issue. Maybe he knows he can’t afford a war of words with two popular drivers, which would explain this little dig.

OMC: "The last I looked, I earned the label of Indy 500 champion; those lobbing unfounded accusations at me have not."

Recent Indy 500 Champion Sam Hornish Jr can take heart in knowing he is now infallible.