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Posted by Iannucci | 7/26/2006 | 0 comments »
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Here is a roundup of today's headlines lost amid the flurry of breathless Danica!/AGR reporting.

The Detroit Free Press reports former motorcycle racer Marty Roth - last seen spinning on Bump Day at Indianapolis - will be returning to the IRL this weekend in Michigan. The owner/driver of the #25 is attempting to showcase his talent in hopes of competing in the series fulltime in 2007...when he will be 48 years old. Best of luck, Marty.

Continuing the quest to sell their souls to Ethanol in 2007, the IRL will soon be holding tests at a brand-spankin'-new oval track in Iowa. The 7/8th of a mile track is located in Newton, which is close enough to Pressdog to get him all pumped up.

Speaking of Ethanol and pumping, if you are in the area of Ypsilanti, Michigan tomorrow then you can have an IRL driver fill your tank with Ethanol. Buddy Rice, Vitor Meira, Kosuuke Matsuura and of course Jeff Simmons (he drives the Ethanol car) will be on hand to service your car and sign your autographs. Best of all, it's only $2.20 a gallon and works with "any vehicle built since 1980".

Finally, if you want to, well, sit like the pros then your time has come. For only $229 Dynamic Composites will provide for you "a high performance, race ready composite toilet seen in Indy cars and Fighter planes." No word on if you can get a SAFER barrier installed in your bathroom as well.