Gentlemen's Rules Applied to Non-Gentlemen

Posted by Iannucci | 8/14/2006 | 0 comments »
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While the Fearsome Foursome of the Red and White Brigade was battling it out Sunday (at least until Well Done got claustrophobic in the pit box), a bunch of also-rans were taking turns in a furious race for 5th place.

Amazingly, ECG(!) was in charge of that position for much of the day until he spun out out exiting the pits. El Nariz took over, and Danica! got steamed.

"I use the word inconsiderate. We're not supposed to be polite to each other out there," Patrick said. "But there are also like, quote-unquote, gentleman's rules. But people were looking in their mirrors and looking and turning in front of you where you're going and cutting you off."

Danica! also accused him of looking in the mirrors and blocking accordingly. Maybe he was just returning the favor she did for Mr. Judd a few weeks ago, which I believe she described as "protecting" her position.

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