Panoz Knows Road Courses

Posted by Iannucci | 8/24/2006 | 0 comments »
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Remember the much maligned Panoz chassis?
The one that slowed the Rahal Letterman team?
The chassis no driver has raced in weeks?

OK, maybe they aren’t totally worthless. is reporting that Well Done and The Kiwi will be driving Panoz chassis this weekend at Infineon. Evidently it has a “road course prowess” since Dixon has driven a Panoz to 2nd and 1st at St. Petersburg and Watkins Glen respectively. Hey if it ain’t broke, right?

Also note that Danica! drove one to 6th at St. Pete while The Rainman Paonz’d his way to 4th at The Glen. No word yet on if the RLR team will be bringing back the Panoz for Infineon. I guess we’ll know soon.

UPDATE: It appears from their most recent Press Release that RLR will also be using the Panoz this weekend.

UPDATE 2: According to the EADS Graphics Spotter's Guide (PDF) Scott Sharp will be in a Panoz as well.