Attention IndyCar Race Fans

Posted by Iannucci | 9/09/2006 | 0 comments »
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As you may have noticed, I don't make predictions. Before races I like to go over driver or team records at a given track or review their performance over the last few races, but I am no Carnac the Magnificent. Besides, MoneyCJ did a fine job predicting Infineon.

However, I will make this prediction: in two days, after the four-way battle for the series championship at Chicagoland, you will start jonesing for more IndyCar excitement. You'll try to watch Champ Car, but the lack of passing will put you to sleep. You'll try to watch NASCAR...nah.

My friend, I have just the cure for you. Set your DVR, VCR or whatever to record ESPN2 this Thursday, September 14th, at 2pm Eastern for some EXTREMELY exciting Indy Pro action. If you haven't had the opportunity to watch these races populated by tomorrow's IndyCar drivers, then this should be a perfect introduction.

The Indy Pro cars go about 90% of the IndyCar series, but that's till 190 miles per hour. This weekend, most of the race involved having about eight cars within a half second of each other. Let me put it another way: about half the field was bumper-to-bumper, three wide, and everyone was passing everyone else! I was watching online thanks to, and I can tell you it was INSANE.

Yes, the hyperbole is deserved. The high-speed, wheel-to-wheel action that defines the Indy Racing League was on full display almost the entirety of today's Chicagoland 100 and I cannot make any greater recommendation that to simply say watch this race.

The broadcast will probably last only an hour, as the race is about 100 miles and has no pit stops. As an added bonus, one of the series championship contenders wrecks with another car and a Champ Car race, err, fight freaks out. The end is probably the most boring part, but the race still serves as another fine reason to have these contests broadcast. Quality racing all around.

And in case you want to cheat or impress your friends, you can find a nice race summary for Trackside Online here. Suffice it to say the league should do whatever it can to secure futures for Wade Cunningham, Jay Howard, and Jonathan Klein. These guys are incredible drivers, and you would do well to catch them in action for the last time this year.