Being the Queen

Posted by Iannucci | 9/07/2006 | 0 comments »
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With essentially four weeks off, Sarah Fisher has decided to do her own reporting for regarding her whereabouts. Since Kentucky, she's been bowling, shopping, go-karting, working out and doing lots of laundry. She also recounts what was going on in her helmet before her first IRL race in nearly two years.

As I sat in my race car on the grid at Kentucky Speedway [Aug. 13] waiting for the green flag to drop, I had a flood of lost memories that have somehow all become a blur since my last time in Indy's fast lane. Maybe because back then I was so caught up in time, so lost in how fast things were moving that I didn't take time to enjoy any of it.

I looked to my left and qualified next to Danica Patrick. Speaking of Danica, I was on my way to Cincinnati for an appearance on Friday [Aug. 11] and I was startled to see a billboard with me and Danica on it. I'm not sure what she thought, but that was weird how that all worked out. (MORE)