Danica Danica Danica

Posted by Iannucci | 9/19/2006 | 0 comments »
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Usually the end of The Racing Season is immediately followed by The Silly Season, which marks the musical chairs played by drivers and teams.

However, in 2006 a new season has emerged in between the two: The Danica Season. I know, it can be argued that The Danica Season actually goes on all year long, but in the past week we have had Danica! Unveiling the Batmobile!, Danica! on HBO Real Sports!, and now Danica! Profiled In Newsweek!

Today I guess I drive pretty fast even on the highway in my Lamborghini. I don't like to drive at enormous top speed, but I do like to drive a little bit faster than everyone else. So if everybody on the highway is doing 80, I'll do 82 or something, and if people are driving 60, I'll want to do 62. I think there's something in my blood, in my instincts, that makes me want to overtake.
Forget her blood and instinct, there may be something in her mailbox. Like traffic citations. She had better be careful rolling at 82 around here since they got these wacky photo radar devices everywhere. I'm sure she doesn't want to get stuck with 60+ tickets like this woman.

Seriously though, I don’t object so much to the coverage as the timing. It would seem this is just a convergence of reporters all wanting a piece of Mrs Hospenthal and not getting to her until the conclusion of the season, but as the word “conclusion” indicates the season is over. Consequently you can’t apply the maxim of “what’s good for Danica is good for the league”. It would be really helpful to have all this coverage in the Spring when there is actual racing occurring, but for now all this media hype is doing nothing except delighting her individual sponsors.

Please folks, save a little air time for next year.