Four Words: Woman Iranian Racecar Driver

Posted by Iannucci | 9/27/2006 | 0 comments »
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Man, have I been asleep at the wheel.

A week ago Marc at Full Throttle (the blog, not the drink) took my post about the would-be Danica! movie and ran with it. More interestingly, he took her quotes regarding her uncomfortablility in the race car and juxtaposed that with Laleh Seddigh, an Iranian race driver also of the female variety.

Not withstanding her “constant state of excruciating pain and discomfort,” Danica is worried about her six point harness “ironing out” a couple “things,” while (Laleh) Seddigh is racing wearing full scarf and long coat over her Nomex firesuit. Say, does anyone know of an Iranian factory that specializes in Nomex scarves amd long coats?

Somehow I doubt it.

Check the whole post and be sure to read the source articles about Ms. Seddigh’s adventures.

It is only in recent years that women have even been allowed to watch men's sports. At her first race, women spectators were screaming and climbing up the fences, Seddigh said, and that worried the organizers. "The committee said, 'Please, don't make the audience excited."' For the championship, she had to agree not to wave to the crowd, a third of which by this point was women.
Wow. Now THAT would be an interesting movie.