AGR News: Franchitti Stays, Herta Goes

Posted by Iannucci | 11/01/2006 | 0 comments »
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So much Andretti Green news I don't know where to begin.

Let's start with Dario. Confirming much speculation from people not named Robin Miller, Curt Cavin relays that Mr Judd will return in 2007 to race with AGR. Speculation revolved around whether he would race in the IndyCar series or the new American Le Mans entry for AGR. The surprise answer is: BOTH.

I'm guessing he's getting a raise for that bonus work.

In a related move, by taking the helm of the fourth AGR entry (along with Rocky, Andretti 3.0 and Danica!), Franchitti has effectively ended the IndyCar career of longtime AGR driver Bryan Herta. The Invisible Man will not retire from racing though, as he will be the primary driver for the AGR ALMS entry.

Maybe they should just keep all five drivers and draw straws each week. Short straw goes to ALMS and the rest get the IRL cars.

As if that wasn't enough to talk about, Michael Andretti will be, well, talking on a new weekly XM Radio show. USAToday reports the appropriately titled "Andretti Green Racing Hour" will debut in February and will feature Andretti 2.0 and his cavalcade of drivers.

"Racing fans across the country will now not only be able to get behind-the-scenes access to races and rivalries, but The Andretti Green Racing Hour will provide the ultimate access into the lives and unique personalities of each of the drivers," Andretti said Tuesday.
I know they have like half the drivers in the series, but let's hope they mix in some other personalities from around the league. Well Done, Spiderman, and the Fisher Queen all deserve some air time. Better yet, get Jeff Simmons in the booth to talk to Danica about her "unique personality" - Good times, my friend.