Notes From Phoenix

Posted by Iannucci | 11/13/2006 | 3 comments »
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On a personal note, these are a few things I noticed at the track this weekend but did not comment in my previous summary:

• I have never seen an IndyCar race at night in person, but the night racing actually made the Truck race on Friday more enjoyable than the Busch race on Saturday. The IRL is definitely doing the right thing by shifting some of their current races to the PM.

• The victory spinout thing is becoming parody. Johnny Benson won the truck race and almost pulled a Kanaan by wrecking during his donuts near the finish line. After inching his way out of the smoke he just created, he then drove down the wider but heavily-banked first turn to try some more. He got half a donut before he spun all the way down the track, nearly hitting the interior wall. This was the most amusing part of the race.

• I saw a Mitsubishi with the license plate “BOGOTA” in the parking lot, but was unable to locate one reading “DFIANCE”.

• Crystal Hornish was wearing jeans, but I don’t know if they were the “lucky” Rock & Republic jeans. Results would indicate otherwise.

• I mentioned Erin Crocker, who seems to be polarizing the fans. She was cheered loudly on introduction, but everyone I spoke with was unimpressed with her racing ability. At least she wasn’t booed like Kurt and Kyle Busch. For the record all of her pit stops were due to clutch problems, and her pit crew had to push her to start after every one. She owes them many beverages.

• I don’t know what “RaceGirl” is, but they have a pink car bearing Penelope Pitstop decals…and the driver is a dude.

• None of the fans I spoke with knew JJ Yeley or Casey Mears had raced IndyCars. Then again, I’m sure many IRL fans didn’t know that either.

• A local radio station actually had some Jamie Little wannabe interview me and my boy (and others) after coming out of the restroom. What did they ask? “Excuse me sir, did you wash your hands?” Nice. I said sure, and go ahead and confirm with my boy. I doubt they had a male equivalent sitting outside the ladies room inquiring about feminine hygiene.

• Speaking of the boy, for a series that tries to promote itself to the smallest of fans they sure have some adult-oriented sponsors. My kids and I could only go into about half of the promotional tents because so many were “18 and over”. Beer, liquor, chewing tobacco, tobacco substitutes and the local casinos all had significant representation. However, there was plenty of representation for my kids by the Army, Navy and National Guard. Come climb the rock wall and we’ll call you in ten years.

• All kinds of IndyCar shirts were being sold for $3 each at the “Blowout Sale” truck. Very sad, but still they make for excellent stocking stuffers.

• I think I spotted a relative of MoneyCJ wearing a t-shirt that said “I feel sorry for people who drink. When they wake up they know that’s the best they’ll feel all day.”

• Lastly, for the single guys out there: if you go to a NASCAR event looking for companionship then be sure to wear Dale Earnhart Jr gear. The majority of the quality members of the fairer sex were sporting the “8”, and there wasn’t even a close second place.


  1. pressdog // November 13, 2006 2:28 PM  

    Score! on the cheap IRL shirts. I know you have Champ Car fever, but don't ya go flirtin' wwith NASCAR fever. That's more like a deadly virus.

  2. Anonymous // November 13, 2006 6:35 PM  

    Actually, that (totally accurate) quote about the drinking is attributable to the Pimp De Tutti Pimps....Mr. Frank Sinatra, God rest his any event, glad my peeps were there to reprezent!

  3. Anonymous // November 13, 2006 10:50 PM  

    The bathroom thing killed me...