Quite A Few Questions: Robin Miller

Posted by Iannucci | 1/05/2007 | 0 comments »
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In case you haven't seen it our buddy Pressdog has posted an extensive Q & A with famed open-wheel reporter Robin Miller. Miller is passionate about motorsports and has been covering them for so long his name is probably better known than most drivers.

And while I appreciate both Miller's candor and his career full of contributions, I point out this interview as a clear demonstration of the blinding hatred some folks have for the IRL. Several times he mentions his bitterness towards Tony George, which is likely considering Miller's stand against the split since 1996. But Miller would be wise to accept that there are a lot of "Jethros" like me who find IndyCar races are a lot more exciting than CCWS parades, the Indy 500 light years more compelling than any Champ Car race, and the quality of driver (both in ability and level of interst) higher in the IRL.

He'd also be wise to double-check his facts occasionally, but I don't want to beat that horse.