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Posted by Iannucci | 1/23/2007 | 1 comments »
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Incredibly, there is more Tony George-related news. From IndyStar superstar Curt Cavin:

Question: Any word on who will be Foyt IV's sponsor for 2007? (Cleveland, Ohio).

Answer: Yes. In some fashion, former boxer George Foreman. Details have not been released.

Question: Why in the world would Tony G hire AJ IV to drive his third car? There are numerous more qualified drivers with a lot better records that have a lot more to offer IRL, such as Sarah Fisher. What gives? (Mike, Colorado Springs, Colo.)

Answer: First of all, remember that Tony, like any other team owner, has the right to pick his driver(s). Remember, too, that the Hulman-George family and the Foyt family have been tight for the past three decades. Remember, too, that Sarah likely is going to be in the second car of Dreyer & Reinbold Racing alongside Buddy Rice. So she was taken. We could debate the merits of other drivers for hours, but it was Tony’s choice.
Hold up a minute. You mean all that Foreman news at Infineon might actually result in a sponsored ride for a driver? You mean it’s for Vision? You mean it’s a Foyt? So Quattro will be powered by Foreman Grills? My head is spinning so fast I might not be able to properly respond with a “leaking grease on the track” pun.

And another oh, by the way, Rice and Fisher will be dueling for D&R.

OK, these aren’t official announcements, and we have no idea when official announcements may arrive. But it is curious that Vision would be able to gain sponsorship for a third car while struggling to have anything on the sidepods of their other two entries in 2006. But if good fortune has come their way then more power to them.

Meanwhile, we are still awaiting on D&R for any news. Cavin says he has “seen signs” they will improve significantly, although could mean he’s seen signings. Again, improve means staying in the IRL, right?


  1. pressdog // January 23, 2007 7:55 PM  

    The mind reels. Foreman. He's going to sell a bunch of grills off this sponsorship? Hope Cavin is right about Sarah. DRR is certainly taking its time with the announcements.