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Posted by Iannucci | 1/10/2007 | 1 comments »
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After being told to expect a press conference today introducing the Cahill Racing rookie duo of Milka and Mitrisin, TrackSide Online has informed it’s esteemed readers of a last minute “family-related” postponement.


In the meantime there’s always Danica! ready and willing to scare up some news. (Uncle Sam and Spiderman could be off attacking terrorists in Somalia but we’d never hear of it...OK, maybe we would, but you know what I mean.)

The Arizona Republic is giving an update to those of us wondering what the GoDaddy Super Bowl ad (featuring Danica!) is containing since it has allegedly thrice failed to pass network censors. If nothing else, there should be a lot of folks in “the ad”, which may in fact be a series of ads since GoDaddy has purchased three different slots.

The Go Daddy cast includes Scottsdale residents Patrick and Valerie Thompson, a motorcycle drag-racer who set a world record at the 2006 International Motorcycle Speed Trials.

Also scheduled to appear on behalf of the domain-name registrar are the motorcycle-building family featured on cable television's American Chopper show. Paul Teutul Sr. and sons Paul Jr. and Michael are known for their custom designs and comic family battles.
The mind boggles. You know, considering the general "wow, she's hot!" response many race fans express when catching a glimpse of Mrs. Duno, it might stand to reason that she should be in these ads.

Only time will tell if Milka becomes a GoDaddy Girl, but contrary to the evidence I'd rather be discussing racing than racy photos. Someone please hit the override and zoom us into March.


  1. Anonymous // January 10, 2007 5:24 PM  

    Now, why am I surprised - NOT - that there may be censor problems?