Brian Barnhart needs help

Posted by Iannucci | 3/12/2007 | 4 comments »
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I believe it was Snoop Doggy Dog who said “Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy”, and I’m sure Brian Barnhart would agree. Take a quick look at the checklist for the President of the Indy Racing League (in no particular order):

• Figure out what to do with Michigan International Speedway
• Find another Ethanol-powered engine manufacturer before 2009
• Make sure Marco Andretti or Danica Patrick win 500 (deny deny deny)
• Get ideas for new chassis (gosh, those DP01s look slick)
• Add more races (Southern California? Mississippi? Portugal?)
• Get series sponsor ship (keep forgetting)
• Get championship sponsorship (keep forgetting that too)
• Get more hotties in the series (Milka what’s her name?)

The list goes on and on, and this doesn’t even include all the logistics that go into actually putting on fine racing for most weekends of the spring and summer. So it comes as no surprise that Trackside Online and SPEED have both said the league is looking for a replacement at the COO position so The Long Arm of the Law can focus on racing and competition related tasks.

"I always said I have no expertise in sales or marketing," admitted Barnhart.
Sadly this has shown, although Barnhart has certainly been giving his all to the series. Despite having a racing product that doesn’t bore viewers to tears, there always seems to be a shortage of public awareness of both the races and the drivers. Certain prospects for the COO position are mentioned in each article, but let’s hope whoever gets named can come in and properly pimp the league before the current roster of superstars retire or switch leagues.


  1. Anonymous // March 13, 2007 8:21 AM  

    Careful there, skippy--he's watching, you know...

  2. Jennifer Coomer // March 13, 2007 9:34 AM  

    Personally, I have felt that since stepping (or being pushed) into his current role he has had too much on his plate. I think the man has a hard job. He has to be “the bad guy”. That’s enough stress. And as much as I kind of like the guy…the marketing of the whole deal is sorely lacking and we all know that. And Mr. Barnhart, if you’re reading this I will happily send you my resume.

  3. Anonymous // March 13, 2007 10:08 AM  

    Sources tell me Tony George's favorite to take on the marketing duties is Gene Simmons.

  4. pressdog // March 13, 2007 1:32 PM  

    The Iron Hand of Justice will smote you without benefit of mercy. Drive-through penalty for Jeff and have those phantom yellow flags ready in case Danica/Marco (Manica/Darco) are about to go a lap down.