Castroneves is a busy man

Posted by Iannucci | 3/30/2007 | 0 comments »
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We know Spiderman was off playing tennis right before the race at Homestead last week, but I neglected to mention that he was also hosting a pre-race bash. The reason for this omission is that I forgot to set the DVR and tuned in for only the last 20 minutes of this ESPN special. Totally my bad. (Memo to the four-letter network: please re-air these types of things again around 2am on the Deuce for stoopid people like me. Thank you so much.)

Seriously, I would have brought this up because despite the poor video quality you can still tell that Helio was a total natural interviewing his competitors.

"You like my hair?'s sharp."

Now that alone wouldn't make a guy like him tired, but adding the tennis and some boxing (boxing?) on top of this surely just wore the guy down.

Judging from the fact he turned the best lap of the day at St Petersburg today, I'm thinking he's rested and ready for improvement.