If it's too loud you're too old

Posted by Iannucci | 3/14/2007 | 0 comments »
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Around the time of the 1994 World Cup (that would be soccer) I had this neighbor, Duncan. Duncan decided it would be cool to carry around the soccer ref cards and if anyone said something stupid he would show them the yellow card or the red card to indicate the severity or their verbal transgression. That was amusing…for about a day.

Anyhow, the band Yellowcard will be headlining the post-race concert at the Grand Prix of St Petersburg this year, which should be a rocking good time for all. We’ll see if this School of Rock theme carries on throughout the whole season, but thusfar all announced musical acts for Festivals of Indy Racing have had a decided rock edge to them.

For example, before the race in St. Pete the XM FreakySpeedFest (or whatever it’s called) in Miami kicks off the 2007 season with a performance by another group who actually has a few hit records this decade - that would be Australian band JET. The band of course is named after John Travolta’s son. OK, I made that up.

Also, this year the musical performance at Indy’s Carb Day will be provided by none other than the Artist Formerly Known As Mr. Pamela Anderson the Second. Also known as Robert James Ritchie. Or more commonly referred to as Kid Rock. This after someone once said of him “that kid can rock!” That I did not make that up.

I don’t know what "Bawitdaba da bang a dang diggy diggy diggy said the boogy said up jump the boogy" means, but I’m sure it will go over well with the Snake Pit crowd.