Same car, same result

Posted by Iannucci | 3/24/2007 | 0 comments »
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Alex Lloyd picked up where 2006 series champ Jay Howard left off in today's Miami 100 IPS race. Driving the same Lucas Oil/Sam Schmidt entry, Lloyd won the first race of the Indy Pro series season after accidents forced a timed conclusion.

Ganassi's Chris Festa finished second, although all concerns now are focused on teammate Pablo Perez. When Perez drifted up into Sean Guthrie on lap 47, Guthrie's car angled and served as the perfect launch pad for Perez to go into the catch fence. Perez's car completely disintegrated with the cockpit slamming down hard against the track.

A final mention over the internet broadcast said Perez was awake, alert and being transported to a nearby hospital with "orthopedic injuries". That sounds better than life-threatening ones, which wouldn't have surprised anyone who saw the accident.

Meanwhile, Hideki Mutoh finished third for Panther's IPS re-entry, and Jaime Camara went all the way from 24th to 4th. These two have above-average chances of jumping to the ICS in the future.

One other item of note: there was an accident around lap 26 involving Wade Cunningham that collected Ryan Justice. Justice hit the wall in Turn 2 hard and was reportedly knocked unconscious but is said to be fine and "under observation" now.

Oh by the way, Cunningham was leading at the time of the accident. Leading is what he does. He also admitted in a post-race interview that the accident was likely driver error on his part.