Lost in Translation

Posted by Iannucci | 4/17/2007 | 0 comments »
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Sure it’s annoying to have to stay up late just to watch a live IndyCar race on the computer this weekend, but if we’re going to have a racin in Japan then at least we get to read all the fun translations on the Japanese promotional material. Check this out from the Twin Ring Motegi site:

There are two race circuits at Twin Ring Motegi; one is the oval course "Super Speedway" which has satisfied international standards, and the other is the "Road Course" with a distance of over 4.8km.

In these circuits, major automobile and motorcycle races are held, where racers from Japan and overseas compete fiercely for the top position.

A combination of the world's pinnacle machines, drivers and mechanics produces fierce and extreme races.

The stand around the circuit is filled with enthusiastic cheers.

People do not only see the races but can also enjoy the various events held around the circuit throughout the year; events which people can enjoy seeing and events which people can enjoy participating in with their families.

All the races and events are crowded with people.
“Crowded with people?” “Fierce and extreme races?” “Satisfied international standards?” To paraphrase Kosuke Matsuura, I’m sofa king excited!

Meanwhile, note here that not only is one of the Official Partners “U.S. Meat Export Federation” but that one of the Promotional Partners is “Bowling Proprietors’ Association of Japan”.

Meat. Bowling. IndyCars. What could be more American?