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I’m probably gonna get sued or asked to take this down since there are more than likely some copyright violations, but what the heck.

In case you don’t have an Insider pass to the four-letter network’s website then here is a transcript of the chat with Well Done yesterday. And yes, yours truly got to ask the first question straight out of the gate (although for some reason they must have edited “…and Jeff, LOVE the site” from of his response. Go figure.

Buzzmaster: (4:01 PM ET ) Hey everyone, Dan is running about five to ten minutes late. But keep sending in your questions and we will get around to them ASAP!

DW: (4:08 PM ET ) Thank you to all the fans that came out to Kansas. I hope everyone is fired up for the Indy 500! we are going to put on a great show for everyone!
My Name Is IRL (Gilbert, AZ): Incredible performance on Sunday, Dan! Last year at Homestead you won by a nose, this year by about a mile. Which type of victory is more satisfying to you?

DW: (4:10 PM ET ) I think each victory that you have is very individualistic and they are all great for different reasons. This year it was sweet to open up my account for 2007 with a dominant win. But each win is very individualistic.
Nathaniel: Fairfield, CA: Congrats on your win yesterday Dan, My question is about the Indy 500. Why is it necessary to have weeks of track practice leading up to the big big race?

DW: (4:12 PM ET ) I think to tell you the turth it is the extent of the race, and it has always been like that, and it is that history that makes it the Indianapolis 500 and makes it so great. I think there should be a lot of practice to try and bring some equality to the competitotrs. The key to the Indianapolis 500 is that is how it has always been and I think that history and tradition should remain.
Mike (Indy): Looking forward to seeing everyone here in Indy. Do you forsee more cars trying to enter the 500 and creating more excitement on "bump day"?

DW: (4:14 PM ET ) I agree with you. Certainly the Indy car series seems to be growing quite a lot over the years. I would be surprised if you do not see 40 cars trying to qualify for the race. So yes I think you will see more cars trying to qualify for the race than in the past.
Andrew Devon, PA: Dan, What is your favorite track on the calendar?

DW: (4:16 PM ET ) That is a very easy one: Indianapolis. Obviously because of the race and the fans and the history and tradition. And also because it is a very tough racetrack to race around. All four corners look the same but they could not be more different and with the change in temperature and wind it is always very challeneging.
Darren, Indianapolis: Would you like to one day see the IRL schedule 50% Ovals and 50% road/street courses?

DW: (4:18 PM ET ) I would not say it is about that. I would like to see however many races we have, whether they be ten road course and seven oval or whatver, I want to see big, big events, and you are starting to see that with Kansas and Indianapolis and St. Pete's. The fans are what make a series, so I would like to see more big events. I think we should be focused on that. I think right now we have a pretty good mix as far as ovals and road course.
RC (Cincy): It seems like every year qualifying speeds keep increasing - do you have a speed you're looking to acheive on pole day?

DW: (4:21 PM ET ) That is a very difficult question to answer because it is so hard to predict. The main thing for everyone is to have the quickest car without jeopadizing your race preparation. We just aim to be the quickest. If we don't think we can be the quickest without jeopardizing our preparation then so be it.
Nathaniel (Fairfield, CA): Hi Dan, You seem so disappointed whenever you finish 2nd or 3rd in a race. Do you expect to win every race?

DW: (4:24 PM ET ) I think I am always gracious in defeat. But when you are an Indy car driver and blessed with being in good things, you do have, and this is what Chip is great at, getting the best equipment possible, and as a result you have a chance to win every race you are in. It is not that I am disappointed to come in second, I am just disappointed when you should win and you don't. I have been very happy with finishing fifth if I maximize the car. It is not that I am a spoiled brat, it is just frustrating anytime you are in a position to win and don't and I have been fortunate enough to be in a situation where we have a chance to win every week this year.
Malik Boston MA: If Mclaren-Mercedes wants you to drive instead of Alonso or Hamilton next year in Formula One, Would you say yes or no ? Why ?

DW: (4:26 PM ET ) No because I have a contract. But each time your contract comes up you have to evaluate and do what makes you happy. But I am very happy here, and right now that is not an opportunity I can think about. But once my contract is up I will entertain different options.
Jill (St. Pete, FL): Dan, where's your favorite place to hang out in St. Pete? (Don't worry-- I'm not some crazy stalker-- just curious). Congrats on a great race this weekend as well.

DW: (4:27 PM ET ) Lot's of different places! I like to spend time on the beach, or going downtown to dine. It depends what I am feeling. With Florida there are so many things you can do!
lee london england: after your majestic win sunday,i bet your full of confidence for the indy have my full support mate-good luck

DW: (4:29 PM ET ) Lee thank you very much. The big thing is about the Indy 500 is that I have seen the best and the worst. It's good to have confidence going in, but you must also be very respectful of the track. So yes I am confident, but I understand that circumstances have to work out for you as well. But I will give myself the best possible shot at winning.
AF (Villanova, PA): What do you feel about the changes in the rules to encourage pack racing?

DW: (4:32 PM ET ) I don't think they encourage pack racing but encourage safety. It is very difficult to control speed increases. So I think the rules are there to control speed and create a safer environment. And it is great that Brian is so concerned with safety. I think that is one of the reasons why people love racing in the series.

DW: (4:34 PM ET ) Thank you to all the Dan Wheldon fans and all the fans that are helping the Indy series grow. It is a pleasure to race for you. And this should be one of the most competitive Indianapolis 500's we see in a while. I look forward to seeing you there!


  1. pressdog // May 02, 2007 8:32 AM  

    Dan is playing it cool. I'm sure he's a HUGE irl fan ... but his sponsors won't let him say it.

  2. Jennifer Coomer // May 02, 2007 9:41 AM  

    i won't tell anybody. it'll be our little secret.

    i knew they wouldn't put my question in. and they didn't.