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It's goten to the point every interview with this guy is like Groundhog Day.

Q: "Decided to switch to tin tops, Sam?"

A: "...still thinking about that..."

Would you believe Uncle Sam insists he and Roger are going to wait until the end of the year to decide on a move to NAPCAR? Yeah, me neither.

"I'd say where I'm at right now, the scales are 50-50," said Hornish, of Defiance, Ohio. "I haven't made any decision; the team hasn't made a decision.

"We started off this year knowing we were going to run 11 to 14 stock car races (in the Busch series, ARCA and possibly a couple of Nextel Cup events) and run the full Indy car schedule. We aren't going to be close to making a decision until we are done with all of that for the year." (MORE from Columbus Dispatch)
No offense to Sam, but this is the time of year that EVERYONE makes their decisions for next season. One can only wonder if this isn't more of a wait-and-see on potential sponsorships than deep contemplative thought.