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Posted by Iannucci | 8/27/2007 | 2 comments »
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Today has been a bit of a slog here at MNII World Headquarters, as I'm currently still reviewing the broadcast of yesterday's race. Actually I'm watching the last 15 laps like they're the Zapruder film, trying to determine who assassinated whom in Turn 2. Back, and to the left... back, and to the left... back, and to the left.

I'm also multitasking by catching up on my reading. No offense to longtime friends, but my most favoriteist IndyCar blog right now may be the IndyCar NewsStand. I don't know who Crimson Ace is or how much time a day he/she devotes to collecting the news, but for the last month the site has been updated daily with pretty much ALL of the unique news stories on the wire. Color me impressed.

Whoever they are, God bless them for saving me precious minutes every day.

Anyhow, the 'Stand found this encouraging piece about how the exciting races in the IRL right now. And, it's from a NAPCAR blog.

Far more often than not, IRL's uniform approach to equipment results in races packed with breathtaking moments of multi-car, multi-lap battles for the lead. It can put on a show to where even road courses have appeal to hardcore short-track junkies. In terms of genuine racing action, right now IRL is beating NASCAR a mile. Also, its current crop of drivers for the most part have something noticeably absent in NASCAR: personalities.
Hallelujah! And welcome to the party. Too bad you weren't watching a few years ago when things were even wilder.


  1. Carrie // August 28, 2007 3:08 PM  

    I think I get credit for that convert. I'm taking credit at least, ha.

    The Dude has been a friend for years and I like to think all my random IRL comments that weren't directly related to my weird obsession with Michael Andretti's scooter and Dan Wheldon, in general, converted him.

    Of course, The Dude's pretty smart. He woulda figured out how good the IRL is soon enough.

  2. Anonymous // August 30, 2007 2:54 AM  

    I think we're gaining ground by inches... I've had a close friend from California, other side of the nation from me, focus completely on IndyCar, and come to hate NAPCAR (brilliant name, btw, will henceforth use it everywhere) for being not only boring, but WWE-fake.

    By Inches, Liberating the World.