Gentlemen, start your lawyers

Posted by Iannucci | 8/15/2007 | 5 comments »
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Attention everyone – this picture here was photographed by Edward McCain. It is being linked from a story on about how Edward McCain has NOT RECEIVED A DIME from pictures like this one – of course, photographed by Edward McCain – because it was included in Press packets by Rahal Letterman Racing and Argent Mortgage when they signed the subject of this picture in 2005. Did I mention this photo should be credited to Edward McCain?

If you see this picture or any pictures that look like this then know they were photographed by Edward McCain. We do not want him to sue My Name Is IRL for millions of dollars like he’s suing Time Warner, USA Today, even the groovy guys at Jalopnik for uncredited use of this photo, which is of course entirely the property of Edward McCain.

There’s like $35 in the Google Ads account for this page, and we’re saving that to buy P1 a new Danica team jersey when covering the Motorola Indy 300 at Infineon later this month. So please don’t sue. Thank you.


  1. Anonymous // August 15, 2007 11:45 AM  

    The best quote of the article was "Danica Patrick, the Indy-car driver turned pin-up vixen." Nice legacy.

  2. pressdog // August 15, 2007 2:39 PM  

    I don't think the issue was that he wasn't credited, chief, it's that he wasn't paid. So that $35 you got .. send that on over to the photographer.

  3. Anonymous // August 15, 2007 2:45 PM  

    Lordy, she had The Pout way back in 2002, before she had anything to pout about! Mom used to tell me when I was little that if I made nasty faces long enough, my face would freeze that way. Yep, Danica proves Mom right.

    Seriously, somehow I'm not surprised about the photos. I just feel really sorry for Mr. McCain that he's forced to go to court to protect what is rightfully his through his copywrite. Maybe everyone else named will countersue RLR. This could gte really interesting.

  4. Anonymous // August 15, 2007 9:08 PM  

    More time winning. Less time posing. Thank you.

  5. Anonymous // August 16, 2007 7:43 AM  

    Oh Geez, can we stop the Danica bashing already. Do you all not realize how much attention she has got the IRL and made the league relevant again.

    As for the whinning, i agree she could do less and should. As for the posing, I don't thing we could ever get to much of that!