Speed on the base paths

Posted by Iannucci | 8/17/2007 | 0 comments »
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This article from the Cincinnati Enquirer is more noteworthy for the part that says Sarah Fisher was misquoted in an AP article earlier in the week when she said "It's tough to show your capabilities when you're not in good equipment." Yeah, she’s probably not going to be back at D&R next year.

Anyhow, further down is an interesting vignette about Fisher’s current teammate. Now some fans may know Buddy Rice played on his high school baseball team here in Arizona, but since Mr Peabody hasn’t fixed the WABAC machine we can’t tell how good he was. But...

A promising baseball prospect at Shadow Mountain High in Scottsdale, Ariz., before he decided to pursue racing, Rice made an impression during batting practice with the Indianapolis Indians in 2004. Cecil Cooper was the team's manager.

"I was in street clothes, didn't have cleats on or anything," said Rice, who counts Hall of Fame player Robin Yount as a longtime friend. "At first they were throwing me lollipops. As I kept hitting, they started throwing live BP to me. (Cooper) said if I wanted to, I could come back for a walk-on tryout.

"I hadn't even been in a cage in maybe almost a year. A batting cage, not live BP."
I know they’re leading the division, but Buddy – have you seen the Diamondbacks offense this year? They’ll find a spot in the order for you.