Fisher interviewed by 7-year-old

Posted by Iannucci | 9/13/2007 | 0 comments »
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When I first read this post from Mother Proof (yeah, you find the strangest things on the newswire these days) it appeared to be a feel good story about a mom, a young girl and a friendly driver. And it’s really cool that this mom and her daughter are “bonding” over an IndyCar race, but…I don’t know. Using your daughter to get an interview with a driver? Come on.

My name is Catalin (it rhymes with “jumping bean” and “giggle machine”). I am 7 years old and in second grade. I would like to do an interview with you. I hope you win the race on Sept. 9. I will be there with my mom watching. Can you please answer my questions below?
Color me skeptical. I mean, my oldest is in second grade as well and I’m not above featuring her at My Name Is IRL, but I haven’t used her for the purpose of getting an interview. (And for the record, my daughter already knows the answers to a few of the questions from the “giggle machine”.)

If this is what it’s come to then maybe...

Dear Danica,

My name is P1 (it rhymes with “re-run” and “BB gun”). I am 8 years old and in second grade..
At any rate, it’s still a good read and Sarah’s a total sport for playing along. I gotta think The Fisher Queen was onto Mom’s ploy as well since her answers include terms like “rehydrate”, “simulate” and “push the envelope” that might challenge at that level of education. As a bonus, future sponsors should note how effortlessly Fisher works a sponsor like PitFit into the answers.

All things every second grade race fan should eventually learn.