It's Godzilla

Posted by Iannucci | 10/30/2007 | 1 comments »
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Looks like I picked the right story by Robin to believe, since Curt Cavin now says it will be reality tomorrow.

Dario Franchitti's Indy-car ride at Andretti Green Racing is being filled by one of the sport's most inexperienced drivers.

Hideki Mutoh, a Japanese driver with only 15 races in the Indy Pro Series, will be officially confirmed Wednesday to the team's No. 27 car. Mutoh, 25, is backed by Aguri Suzuki, a former Formula One driver who brought Kosuke Matsuura to the IRL.

(MORE from Curt Cavin/IndyStar)
Enjoy it while it lasts, because if his ICS results mirror his Indy Pro season then it won't be long before Aguri Suzuki moves Mutoh over to his Formula One team. In the meantime, if you have a resume and sponsor at the ready then John Barnes and Panther Racing has an opening.


  1. Anonymous // October 31, 2007 1:51 PM  

    And another reason to save my $30\yr and not sign up for In the rumor section:

    "Update 2: Mutoh to replace Franchitti, sign of IRL weakness"

    Yep, MarkC, having someone promoted from a league feeder series and bringing sponsorship $$$ for an entire season sure is a sign of weakness. If that's weakness, what do you call the revolving rent-a-riders in Champ Car?