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Posted by Iannucci | 11/08/2007 | 1 comments »
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No, pressdog didn't write this - it's on the front page of the Panther Racing site under the headline "DANCING WITH THE STARS: PANTHER ADMITS IT'S JULIANNE, NOT HELIO, THAT THEY'RE WATCHING"

Panther driver Vitor Meira, who is friends with Castroneves, didn’t seem to even realize his fellow Brazilian countryman was on the show.

“Julianne is doing such a great job on the show and it’s been fun to watch,” Meira said Wednesday. “She’s such a great dancer, she’s beautiful and I think she’s brings a lot of skill and elegance to the program. I can’t wait until the show comes on next week and I can watch her again.”

And when asked about Hough’s partner Castroneves, Meira seemed confused.

“I forgot she had a partner,” Vitor admitted. “But I guess that Julio guy is doing a good job too.”

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  1. pressdog // November 08, 2007 1:33 PM  

    Wait a second. A racing team with a sense of humor? Who's idea is this? Certainly, they will immediately be banned from the IRL. Kitch is raising his leg on the pdog. Upping the ante. OK, I see how it's going to be. Pretty sure Hough is from the Latin for hot.