Now we can all see Danica's imperfections

Posted by Iannucci | 12/06/2007 | 3 comments »
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From Deadspin of all places comes a "leaked" memo from within ESPN. Tucked among more curious topics such the health risks of close proximity to satellite dishes comes this glorious confirmation.

In our continuing effort to serve Indy 500 fans we worked with IndyCar to televise the race in HD. At the same time, we determined having SportsCenter on site was not essential to covering the race thoroughly from a news perspective. The 2008 IndyCar regular season and 2008 Indy 500 will be produced in HD.
High. Definition. Baby. Excuse me - I need to do a little Snoopy Dance!


  1. pressdog // December 06, 2007 4:28 PM  

    HUGE. Just in time for the pdog to join the HD generation. (Instalation is T minus three days, and counting). DVR, 47-inch LCD (insert me breathing into a bag here). I'm only sad that The Super Duece won't be in the booth to get Major Face Time on camera.

  2. Nancy // December 06, 2007 8:24 PM  

    That's great news, but too bad it has to be ESPN/ABC with their terrible camera work instead of Speed. Now we’ll have great resolution while the camera is pointed at Scheckter and Carpenter racing each other for 9th at the exact moment when a lead change occurs on the other side of the track. The good news though is that we’ll all have a fabulous picture for all of the commercials on the endless side-by-side…..

  3. Anonymous // December 07, 2007 4:32 AM  

    And on a somewhat unrelated tangent,

    pressdog, sounds great! I've been watching prices for the past year and doing my homework on what to buy. Prices are becoming more and more affordable, i.e., what I'm willing to pay. =)

    (I'm a notorious tight-wad)

    When I take the HDTV plunge, I haven't decided, however, if I want to stay with cable or go to one of the 2 dish providers. It depends on which provider will give me Big 10 network; that's the deal breaker.