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Champ Car fans can take heart this week because Paul Tracy is not leaving Forsythe or the Champ Car World Series. Rumors abounded in recent weeks that Tracy was headed to the IRL because Jerry Forsythe and his new partner Dan Pettit had asked the 39-year old Canadian to renegotiate his five-year agreement with Forsythe and accept a big pay cut.

But Tracy met with Forsythe last week and emerged from the meeting happier than he's been in a couple of years with the setup at Forsythe. Equally important to Tracy, the question of renegotiating his contract was never raised by Forsythe.

"The result of the meeting is that Kenny Siwieck is now in charge of my car and everything is squared away with me and Jerry," Tracy reported. "Everything is fine between us. I went into the meeting believing that Jerry was going to renegotiate my contract to a very low amount or I would leave. And the conversation never even went that way. It was never brought up."

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