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Posted by Iannucci | 2/29/2008 | 2 comments »
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Two days of testing at Homestead are in the books for IndyCar and Indy Pro series drivers, and the first thing that can be concluded is that no matter which shoes, which hairstyle or which teeth Dan Wheldon is sporting, he still owns this track.

On Wednesday the Well Done one went out and posted a top time of 213.312 mph. Wheldon and fellow Target Twin Scott Dixon initially were the only drivers to post times in excess of 213 mph, although that would change on Thursday . Other familiar faces like Kanaan and Castroneves were near the top of the charts, but there were two surprise names: Foyt and Mutoh.

Patrolling the neighborhood in an unmarked Vision Racing vehicle, Quattro posted times in the Top 6 on both days. For those of you thinking only eight cars have a shot at winning any races this year – think again. Foyt may be destroyed on the twisties, but on the ovals expect him to be running towards the front all season long.

Meanwhile Hideki Mutoh took Dario’s former entry (more or less) and put it right where he needed to be – in the Top 8 each day. There a lot of more experience “rookies” this year, but after his rapid progress in the IPS last year Mutoh-mania may be exploding this year. Watch the sales of Godzilla dolls and unusually large prosthetic ears for an indication of his popularity.

Thursday belonged to an entirely different driver of an entirely different gender. Various unfounded rumors say Danica Patrick missed testing on Wednesday because (a) she couldn’t bear that Sarah Fisher would become the first woman to start a multi-race team, (b) she needed to take her beaver to the veterinarian for grooming, or (c) pressdog spiked her lunch. Regardless, the Danistar was unleashed – but not undressed – as she quickly ascended to topping the speed charts on Thursday with a best time of 213.182. With a season debut like that expect her to be all over the pole like an exotic dancer.

Somebody stop me. Please. Please!

Not to be forgotten, Thursday also featured the first open-entry test session for the Indy Pro drivers. The Indy Pro cars tend to stay pretty close together and this season looks to be no different. Former Atlantic series champion Raphael Matos - who has virtually no oval experience – asserted himself by posting the fastest lap time, slightly ahead of IPS veterans Bobby Wilson, Logan Gomez, and Sean Guthrie – three good ‘ol American boys, I might add. But the times were close, as roughly a tenth of a second separated Matos from the seventh-fastest driver, Richard Antinucci.

Others from the 20 participating drivers you may have heard mentioned here at My Name Is IRL fared well. Cyndie “Swiss Miss” Allemann had the ninth-fastest time, and please note she has been co-opted to driving for PDM Racing instead of American Spirit. Probably a money thing, but it WAS a bit awkward to have a foreign driver representing a team named “American Spirit”. Also of the female persuasion, Ana Beatriz was tenth-fastest for series dominator Sam Schmidt Motorsports, while distinctly male N-Word refugee Brent Sherman was fourteenth fastest.

Lastly, our buddy Mike Potekhen struggled to only fifteenth fastest, but don’t feel to badly for him because according to the Apex Racing site the team has “arranged a Indy 500 ride for Mike Potekhen in 2008.” The applause light is now turned ON. Mike’s a solid driver and a REALLY nice guy, so he’ll make a fine underdog for The Month of May.

One final note: Miles Nelson has returned to updating his Ovalicious site with notes and pictures from at the track. Be sure to check it out, including his picture of Tony Kanaan’s...whitewalls?


  1. Anonymous // March 01, 2008 8:43 AM  

    Unless they have corrected it by the time you read this, Milka Duno is listed as being first in the Practice 2 Section Results going 402 mph (doing a lap in just over 13 seconds).

  2. Anonymous // March 01, 2008 6:37 PM  


    If Firestone keeps the whitewall idea, will the 2010 spec car have a vinyl roof, opera lamps, and curb feelers?

    It's an idea so fly, it's SUPERFLY!