Fear the Panther

Posted by Iannucci | 3/29/2008 | 6 comments »
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While waiting for the IndyCar series to kick off tonight, the junior circuit had quite a go as the first Indy Pro Firestone Indy Lights race of the season provided a surprise winner.

Despite there being well over 20 entries, this season was generally considered to be a two-driver competition between Sam Schmidt's Richard Antinucci and Andretti Green's Rafael Matos. So much for generalizations, as newcomer Dillon Battistini won while his Panther racing teammate Brent Sherman finished third.

Yours truly usually watches these short but awesome races online, but this morning P2 had his first pinewood derby. If anyone has any insight from the race in Homestead beyond the IndyCar.com recap please share it the comments. Thanks, and congratulations to Panther on a solid effort.


  1. John in Speedway // March 29, 2008 12:03 PM  

    I watched online, and I'd say that positions 3 through 11 is where all the excitement was at. 3 and 4 wide at times. Anna Beatriz was very impressive, Sean Guthrie drove a hell of a race. He spun out on a pace lap, changed a nose cone, started a lap down, raced with the leaders to get his lap back, and finished 11th I think.

  2. Anonymous // March 29, 2008 12:31 PM  

    Great race, especially after the crash fest last year. Sherman did fantastic, he use to race in NASCAR before realizing that he would have trouble winning in it, so he moved to the IRL. I hope to see him in the 500 some day. Beatriz and most of the Indy Lights field was impressive(especailly for being rookies and for not having raced an oval before), its going to be a great season.

  3. Anonymous // March 29, 2008 1:19 PM  

    I was impressed by Ana Beatriz...she stood her ground and forced some side by side and even three wide to four wide racing. she's gotta new fan in me.

    congrats to panther. awesome race for the rookie.

    glad there were no major crashes. expected more from raphael matos with the car he had.

  4. Anonymous // March 29, 2008 2:39 PM  

    isjakaab4A note re: P2's intro to his own "racing team". Finishing in the top 8 out of 40+ cars in his rookie race!....Awesome job P2!...Granpa's proud of you!..Thanks Daddy for guiding through the process of building his first car...the now famous Racing Yellow School Bus, ala Monster Garage. Roger Rager would be envious!

  5. Allen Wedge // March 29, 2008 4:26 PM  

    2 quotes of the day from the Indy Lights race, unfortunately I don't have exact quotes but one team owner said on air

    "the car with the girl" referring to Ana Beatriz

    and after the race I give huge props to Brent Sherman for taking a shot at former team BAM with something to the extent of "I came to the IRL because they give you a real shot and time to develop" more or less talking about how he was only given 6 races from BAM in NASCAR

  6. Unknown // April 01, 2008 11:44 AM  

    Hi Jeff

    I wrote the usual after the race at IndyProRacer.com; and a follow-up article with Sean the day after

    They race is shown delayed on April 3rd at 2 PM EDT on ESPN2 also