Wake up with Danica

Posted by Iannucci | 3/24/2008 | 3 comments »
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Get ready to have a chat with Mrs Hospenthal at ESPN.com this morning at 10:30 AM Eastern today. Ask here burning questions such as:

1. What are you wearing?
2. Now that he's married, does this mean you won't be quarreling with Dan Wheldon anymore?
3. What are you NOT wearing?
4. Is it true you had Scott Sharp thrown out of IndyCar for having a better looking car than you?
5. How's the beaver?

But whatever you do, DON'T ask her when she's going to win.

UPDATE: Danica must be pumped to start the season, because she jumped the gun 10 minutes early, answering questions at a furious rate. We're talking 50 questions in a half hour. "It's a new track record!"

Of note (and I am NOT making these up):

Wendell (Liverpool, UK): How do you improve on a part of your driving - do you have any secrets?

Danica Patrick: (10:40 AM ET ) To improve, you have to focus on it and face your fears. A lot of times when you're not good at something it's because your afraid. My secret is I wash my face at night and wear lotion.

Jeff (Iowa): Danica, I bet Dan Wheldon wears lotion, too.

Danica Patrick: (10:42 AM ET ) Not sure. I do know he has an extensive of Aveda products. You can ask him.

Jordan (Slinger, WI): Would you consider being an aynalyst after your career?

Danica Patrick: (10:44 AM ET ) If it's about something in the fashion world. I have a hard time analysing or criticising things that I don't know a lot about or aren't an authority in. But who knows.

Robert (Raleigh NC): Could you beat Ricky Bobby? And if you tied, would that make 11?

Danica Patrick: (10:52 AM ET ) Ricky Bobby is mentally weak.

...oh man, is it Saturday night yet?


  1. Anonymous // March 24, 2008 7:41 AM  

    "Are you wearing a beaver-skin coat?"

    Godaddy! Godaddy! Godaddy!


  2. Anonymous // March 24, 2008 10:56 AM  

    LOLed at the Ricky Bobby comment.

  3. Anonymous // March 26, 2008 8:10 AM  

    apparently you have subscribe to ESPN magazine to see the chat !!

    what bunch of $%^&*$ !!

    can anyone copy and post a transcrpit por favor ???