And he still hates White Castles

Posted by Iannucci | 5/15/2008 | 1 comments »
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Thus sayeth Tomas Scheckter:

“Yeah, I knew. To be honest, it was common knowledge that I was halfway to Andretti Green Racing during the offseason. There were meetings the whole time and we exchanged a lot of paperwork. Basically, it was just down to number of flights and number of appearance days. To be offered to drive for such a great team, even though it didn’t work out due to sponsorship issues, I knew that I had done a good enough job..."

Chris Estrada has the full interview.


  1. Anonymous // May 17, 2008 3:46 PM  

    Was with a buddy who was getting an autograph from H. Castroneves on wednesday at Indy. The photo he was signing was from last years detroit race. Helio looked at the photo for a few seconds and said that he should have won that race and in fact, Tomas S. came up to him on Monday and apologized to Helio in person saying in fact he was holding Helio up, because well he pretty much had a ride with AGR signed sealed and delivered.... interesting to say the least and a great story to tell.....