mmack's nnotes: Mid Ohio 2008

Posted by Iannucci | 7/21/2008 | 6 comments »
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Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the man responsible for teaching Milka Duno how to properly use a towel, the one, the only, the "mmack".

Here are my notes from the big comfy chair on Mid-Ohio. I'm in the big comfy chair as Maria is ill and resting on the big comfy couch as we watch.

I'd like to start out by saying I enjoyed seeing some world class road course racing with excellent camera work, good coverage of close battles throughout the field, and top notch announcing. It was very exciting and completely kept my interest.

Except it was on Fox, it was from Germany, and it was the Formula One race. Apparently ABC decided a 12:30 CST start for the Mid Ohio coverage had to wait for coverage of the British Open.

Note to ABC Sports, and feel free to cut this out and paste it everywhere in plain sight: Golf without Tiger Woods = Dull.

So we missed the start (because really, who needs to see a field line up or the actual start) to see someone at ABC try to make golf's version of a Firestone ad using the British Open. It worked about as well. I'm starting to agree with one thing the author of the Defender of the IRL blog keeps posting: It may be time to look at other broadcast partners.

Miera up to the lead early: Well, I know how this is going to end. And I don't think it's going to be Vitor doing the "hat dance" in Victory Lane.

Nice "Pas De Deux" with Rico Suave and O-Ryan the Hunter. Thanks for not breaking in to show us what happened ABC.

Ah, after a year + of teasing Mrs. Duno ("I thin, but Milka Dunno . . . . . . "), I must issue an apology. After giving Princess Romper Stomper the Latin version of "talk to the hand, girlfriend 'cause the face don't wanna hear it!", she gets Danica! to basically say "I'm telling Brian Barnhardt on you!" Of course, a lot of Danica's dialog was bleeped out, so I'm kinda guessing here. I do agree with Scott Goodyear (GULP!) that Milka should have moved it on over, but Danica! did herself no favors by being Danica! It was fun to see Milka not back down. What's the Spanish equivalent of "Oh, PUH-LEASE!" ?

AJ Foyt IV had a problem in the pits? Huh, that never happens.

Justin, Mario, Mario, Justin. Dan, Justin, Justin, Dan. Dan, Marco, Marco, Dan. AJ? How'd AJ get in here? I guess they ARE right, yellows breed yellows.

Given that just about everyone they mention goes off track (Hunter Reay, Wilson, Andretti, Rahal, Moreas), I'm thinking either Marty or Scott is the equivalent of the Sports Illustrated cover curse.

In honor of pressdog: Briscoe folded the wings back and went full afterburner. I guess I didn't miss that F1 race after all.

Maria recovered enough by the end of the race to give her congratulations to Briscoe Inferno, and wish that "some of the other cars could have gotten in front of Dixon so Helio could get closer in the points."

Wait, I think Dominguez is spinning again!


  1. Anonymous // July 21, 2008 8:31 AM  

    Was it just me or did it seem like the shortest full course yellow was the one with the most cars -- the four car pile up that took away the Mid-Ohio dreams of Andretti 2.0?

    There has been much complaint about the safety crew not getting the ovals cleaned up fast enough during yellows, but can someone explain how 4-5 laps of full course yellow is necessary when a car spins off the track? Are we all waiting for them to get started again, or is that supposed to be part of racing?

  2. Anonymous // July 21, 2008 8:32 AM  

    Correction. Andretti 3.0

  3. Iannucci // July 21, 2008 8:57 AM  

    Purely speculation but I think the reason that four-car pileup was resolved with relative speed was because it was near pit entry. The safety team didn't have far to go (or tow) and three of the four cars only required refiring.

    Conversely, when Dominguez went convertible style they had to haul "the hook" out to a more remote location of the track.

    Remember, this is a road course so certain mishaps require the rescue unit to safely negotiate grass, gravel, trees, bears and killer bees. Possibly even TJ Patrick, depending upon where is hiding during the race.

  4. History_Lover07 // July 21, 2008 10:12 AM  

    So about the booth guys being like the Sports Illustrated Cover curse, I was watching the race with my dad and two of my cousins (who normally watch NASCAR [for the crashes] and F1 respectively) they both and my dad, commented that everyone they talked about crashed/spun right after the piece, and started mentioning that curse. So we started placing bets on who would go next, and when they showed the piece on Andretti 3.0 and 2.0 I was like no! He's gonna be next... and so he was.

    So I would like to concur that they really are the equivalent of the curse, because it has happened at other races this year as well.

  5. Anonymous // July 21, 2008 10:31 AM  

    please welcome the man responsible for teaching Milka Duno how to properly use a towel

    Jeff, I'd like to disagree with this statement. Had I properly taught Milka how to use a towel, she would have rat-tailed The Princess in her dainty, Nomex-clad behind.

    History_Lover, it got to the point where mrs. mmack kept yelling at the TV: "Stop jinxing them you morons!" :^)

  6. History_Lover07 // July 21, 2008 4:20 PM  

    I was yelling too! I amused my dad and cousins they laughed themselves silly at me! I kept saying don't talk about anyone else idiots!