If Milka could drive as fast as she talks

Posted by Iannucci | 11/17/2008 | 1 comments »
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Jack Arute once famously noted that when Milka Duno speaks excitedly in English she sounds “like a Chihuahua”. Those are, or rather were, his words describing The Towel Incident, although since then Arute or someone like him amended the original line from “Milka went ‘Charo’ and started yipping like a Chihuahua” to simply “Milka went ‘Charo’”. There may or may not have been some negative feedback related to that comparison, probably from a pro-Chihuahua lobbying group.

However even a fun loving linguist like Jack would agree that Milka is certainly more intelligible when talking en Español, and she’s fully coherent when speaking in Spanish while accompanied by English subtitles. Here she is appearing on “Tr3s”, which is some channel with bilingual programming that I’ve never seen, probably because I would need to pay extra to my cable provider would that I ever wanted to watch it. Milkalicious is basically talking about all the super groovy things that go into racing an IndyCar, right down to the overtake button. Of course, she doesn’t actually demonstrate the usage of the overtake button, but ... I’m just going to stop there because that’s a setup that writes its own punchline.

(Thanks to IRL-O-Rama for the finding this glorious video.)


  1. SS Minnow // November 17, 2008 6:44 PM  

    Painful.... "Indianapolis is the fastest circuit, you can reach 220mph." When you are 6 mph slower at your MAX speed than the pole sitter things do not bode well.