At least one team is expanding

Posted by Iannucci | 12/01/2008 | 1 comments »
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Recently Curt Cavin noted on his Q&A that he an EJ Viso exchange emails. This is strange because I've never seen any of EJ's questions posted on Curt's "Ask the Expert" blog. I mean you'd think by now he'd have at least answered one of EJ's may pleas for expertise.

Question: Why does everyone hate me? (EJ, Caracas, Venezuela)

Regardless, Curt was kind enough to pass along the content of one of EJ's messages, which indicated that not only is Viso ready to return to HVM Racing for 2009, but that he's likely to have Robort Doornbos as a teammate. If you don't know much about Doornbos here are the key points:

1. He's Dutch.
2. He's raced F1 and Champ Car, among other series.
3. His driving style is reflected in the nickname "Bad Bobby D" (think Viso, before Viso.)
4. He once made Sebastien Bourdais get all snippy on an open mic, leading to a festival of Canadian booing.


  1. Anonymous // December 03, 2008 12:22 PM  

    Bobby D has talent, and an attitude to match. He was one of few drivers at actually challenge (and in some races, beat) SeaBass during his 4-year-reign. It'd be great to see him in the unified Series, especially with another brash, talented young driver.