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Posted by Iannucci | 12/14/2008 | 1 comments »
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It would appear that while every other form of motorsport is undergoing ch-ch-changes (my apologies if that cultural reference has expired), the latest news from the IRL is all status quo.

For staters, any driver looking for relief from EJ Viso will get nothing and like it. Viso will return with HVM Racing in 2009, setting up another nervous season for every other driver of the the league. Rumors persist that HVM will pair Viso with Robert Doornbos in what would be the most devastating tag team since the Iron Sheik partnered with Nikolai Volkoff.

Also back where he's always been is Marco Andretti, who was finally confirmed as both a driver and participant in various impromptu closed-door team meetings with AGR. Whether or not you care for the team, the owner, or the driver, you have to admit that the in-race drama of the team without orders will once again be second to none.

And lastly, Al Unser Jr has the police blotter. Try to act shocked. OK, this time he's not been indicted for anything, but his name did come up in a story involving prostitution and extortion. KOB-TV Reports:

The District Attorney's Office said the head of a prostitution ring extorted money from racing legend Al Unser Jr. with claims of a compromising video tape.

Unser was named as one of two extortion victims in a 137-count indictment against the suspected Albuquerque pimp.

The suspect, 47-year-old Bobby McMullin, was arrested last May. Police say he ran an internet escort service that was actually a prostitution ring. McMullin also ran a Downtown strip club.

Unser is mentioned in counts 72 and 73 of the indictment. The DA's office said McMullin told Unser he had video of the racing legend in a "compromising position." McMullin allegedly asked Unser for $750,000, or he would release the tape to the public.
750 Grand? Please. No offense, but we're talking about a 47-year-old guy, not one of the Desperate Housewives. Mr Pimp would have been lucky to scare up $75 dollars in "releasing it to the public."

Now, if you'd be so kind as to please pass the brain bleach.


  1. Zappatista // December 15, 2008 4:20 PM  

    Like the Unser's have always said, "We like fast cars, and faster women!"