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Posted by Iannucci | 12/10/2008 | 0 comments »
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It’s the giving time of the year, and even though the economy is in the crapper you’re still feeling like you want to get a little something for those special IndyCar fans in your life. You’re trying to decide if you should go rummaging through the Chip Ganassi Racing store (all Dan Wheldon merchandise is half off!), or peruse the newest new new store at, or maybe even try to score a Sarah Fisher bobblehead on eBay.

Your best bet might be to simply get the Indy Wall Calendar, the gift that gives all year. For less than the price of Danica t-shirt you can help your IndyCar fan can show the world their naked love of super duper, bimergified, open-wheel racing for the entirety of 2009. Best of all, all proceeds from the sale of this calendar benefit the Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation, which means you’re actually giving two gifts at once. One to an Indy fan, and one to a reputable organization that helps fund research, treatment and rehabilitation for those with spinal cord injuries. That’s right – double your Santa quotient in one fell swoop.

In the unfortunate event that you don’t actually have any IndyCar friends there still a few that you can adopt. Here are some possible recipients of your calendar gift, closet IRL fans who could use a little IndyCar love this holiday season.

Sebastien Bourdais – Americans don’t hate all Frenchmen and we don’t hate all guys with funny glasses. We do however loathe Frenchmen with funny glasses who whine during the 50% of races they DON’T win and who pick fights while still wearing their helmets. And I mean “loathe” in a good way, because it would be fan-freaking-tastic to be cheering against SeaBass in IndyCar races. Let him know you’d rather be lovingly throwing plastic bottles at him in the USA than watching him backmark his way around the world in F1.

Gerry Forsythe – After taking a buyout check for his portion of Champ Car, Gerry has sat on the bench unwilling to jump into the IRL pool. Somewhere though in the darkest reaches of his two sizes too small heart you just know he’s keeping an eye on his old buddies Carl Haas and Kevin Kalkhoven, who both have drivers featured in this calendar.

Sam Hornish Jr – Even though he remains in the N-Word where Top 20 is somehow a reasonable goal, Sam’s greatest racing memories occurred at speeds much faster than he’s been traveling in 2008. There’s no better way to remind him of the fun and excitement he left behind than this calendar hanging in his motorcoach.

Marty Roth – Poor Marty loves IndyCars, but after hearing back-handed compliments about what a great owner he would make Marty took his Dallaras and went home to Canada. Just think of the joy he would feel opening up this on Christmas Day, reminding him that even without his team IndyCar races are still a whole lot of fun to watch.

Scott Speed – I’m no Star Wars geek but even I remember how Darth Vader told Luke Skywalker “It is your destiny; join me and together we can rule the galaxy.” So it is that one day eventually High Fashion Scotty will come around to realizing that his greatness as a driver can only be written in one place: Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Let this calendar serve as a friendly daily reminder of that you can keep running, Scott, but you can’t escape your destiny.