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Posted by Iannucci | 2/04/2009 | 2 comments »
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As part of their Centennial celebration the good folks at Indianapolis Motor Speedway have been emptying the vault with all sorts of footage and videos from their archives containing 100 years of racing. You can browse the various videos on the IMS Memories page, but that of course involves like three clicks from here and if you're like me that's about two clicks too many for a savvy internet user.

So it with great pride that My Name Is IRL is able to provide a spiffy little video player featuring the most recent offerings of these memories, right there at the top of the sidebar. Why right now you can choose between Donald Davidson, Parnelli Jones, and Tony Hulman - no bad choices there, my friends.

But for the love of all that is good in the universe, DON'T click on the "Unser and Andretti" video though. I did and suddenly found myself 12-years-old again, re-living a crushing moment of utter injustice with Bobby Unser still laughingly taunting me with "I am the winner of the 1981 Indianapolis 500".

"...thank you so much for bringing up such a painful subject. While you're at it, why don't you give me a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it?"

Anyhow, enjoy the videos. A word of thanks and a lifetime subscription goes out to our friends at The Starting Grid for their assistance in this endeavor.


  1. Anonymous // February 04, 2009 4:08 PM  

    I am a big fan of the 500 and IMS and these look like some awesome videos and I want to appreciate them and not be negative with the first comment BUT I have about had it with the IRL/IMS IT department. I have yet to watch a video from them that actually works in a timely manner. I would think you need to revoke that free subscription if it were not for the fact that it is IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy any of the content out of IMS because of the buffering circle that does more revoloutions in a 30 second video than the last 5 indy 500s put together. And that isnt even the full 1000 laps, is it? Now is this their website? No. But I will bet that some link exists, somewhere that makes it their fault because none of their stuff ever works except on youtube. And most of their content isnt there. I could not even sit through what looked like an amazing interview with the three 4 time indy 500 champions because of the (#*$(#833 buffering on And I have broadband @#$@3.

    Now maybe this isnt the place for me to go off the deep end but my name is irl has darn near become my home page and I would appreciate any feedback from yall (napcartalk thrown in) out there whether your having the same (&)&0 problems watching all the cool stuff because it ALWAYS freezes or buffers around and around and around and get the idea. With everything I am anticipating being released from 16th and georgetown over the next couple of years, and available for perusal on and this fine site, I just hope that ims/indycar hire some IT gurus who can actually provide some content that is as seamless as rick mears going around the four corners- and does'nt burn up like anthony trying to get his vision machine up to speed in may.

    Ahem. My name is irl i apologize for the rant and i would understand if you took this down. but the irl is the badest thing goin. And if it wants to grow, then a casual observer who may become a huge fan after watching the awesome content they produce, cant actually watch, it then jeez. I gotta go donald davidson is just about buffered.

    Get UP TO SPEED ims.

    --stand b

  2. Anonymous // February 04, 2009 5:46 PM  

    Pause the video when it starts playing and wait for the blue bar to get well past the little button, then hit play and the video will work.
    About the 81 video--
    For many years I covered the 500 as a photographer. Many of those years, including 1981 my race-day position was right at the right front corner of the observers stand in the infield as the end of turn 1. After a "hello" to the observers before the start of the race I never spoke to them as they has a job to focus on-as did I.
    But when Unser passed all those cars I was so amazed I turned to the observers and said "He can't do that!". They said "We know" and one of them immediately radioed it what had just happened.
    To this day I am amazed that no action was taken right then.