Press releases begat press releases

Posted by Iannucci | 2/26/2009 | 2 comments »
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Wednesday, Feb 25th: HVM Racing Team Owner Keith Wiggins Comments about New Formula Team, USF1‏

"Its very difficult to start a new Formula One team, but there are a lot of factors that determine how hard it is going to be. There are questions that need to be answered. Where will the team get its chassis? Who will provide the engine? These are the biggest aspects to accomplish along with location and personnel.

Its doable, but you have to have the budget. You need good and experienced people and proper planning for everything to work, especially if it is to be based here. The proposed budget for this team is good, but its a smaller budget. You may not run at the front, but it really depends on a lot of factors that we dont know yet.

There are a lot of logistical issues of being based in the United States. You have freight, and that may be a big obstacle. How are they going to handle this with FOCA? Its certainly more expensive to race out of the United States in Formula One. I think its important, too, to think about your drivers. Its ideal to have one driver who is more familiar with the cars and the tracks. A.J. Allmendinger may be the best American driver with the most potential to fill one of the spots. Its going to be interesting to see how this pans out."

Thursday, Feb 26th: HVM Racing Team Owner Keith Wiggins Clarifies Comments Regarding USF1 American Driver Choices‏

"I wanted to clarify comments in an earlier statement regarding the best American drivers for the new USF1 operation. After being told of the teams wish list, I felt that A.J. Allmendinger was and is the best choice from that list given. This does not reflect what would be my own personal choice of driver from the U.S. for Formula One or any other series."

I don't know what this means, and honestly it's the first time I've paid attention to an HVM release since Viso had the mumps. But I do know HVM Racing has been a possible destination for Ryan Hunter-Reay, which means he may or may not be someone's "personal choice of driver from the U.S.".

Honestly though - does anyone know the reason for all of this tediousness?


  1. Allen Wedge // February 26, 2009 1:37 PM  

    honestly I've just been wondering why they even had a press release to comment about USF1 to begin with.

  2. Matt Chamois // February 26, 2009 3:01 PM  

    This USF1 team has gotten more advertising and marketing dollars in the last month then the IRL has gotten in the last year.

    For something that isn't even going to come off the ground, it is rediculous.