The comedic stylings of Robbie Buhl

Posted by Iannucci | 6/17/2009 | 0 comments »
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Life isn't easy for a blogger, and I'm not talking about the perception of wearing pajamas and typing away on our TRS-80s down in our parent's basement. Every so often we get an inclination to flex our muscle among our peers by sending off a request for an email Q&A interview with one of the many celebrities in racing, which depending on the subject usually elicits one of the following responses (ranked in order of likelihood):
1) Deafening silence.
2) A thanks for the inquiry along with a promise to forward question, followed by deafening silence.
3) One-sentence answers obviously written by some over-worked PR person that are actually worse than any form of deafening silence.

But occasionally the Q&A requests come back with more personality than the inquisitor had ever hoped for, bearing an untold bounty of savory quoteworthiness. (Yes, "quoteworthiness" is a word, because I'm a word butcher and I say so.) Case in point the recent 16th and Georgetown interview with VERSUS talent and Dreyer & Reinbold co-owner Robbie Buhl.

16th And Georgetown: To date, it seems like the majority of fans are pleased with the job VERSUS has done. What kind of reactions have you gotten from fans?

Robbie Buhl: Fan reaction has been excellent and a lot of people have asked me for Jon Beekhuis' autograph.

16th And Georgetown: Do you feel like the move to the VERSUS booth has had any affect on the Dreyer & Reinbold Racing team?

Robbie Buhl: Yes, it has really brought out our competitiveness.

(MORE at 16th and Georgetown)
Ladies and gentlemen, start your snare drum rimshots.