Danica and my crystal balls

Posted by Iannucci | 6/10/2009 | 36 comments »
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We all have seen the failed prognostication attempts of IMS Radio lead MIKE KING and his crystal balls. It takes a lot for a guy like KING to repeatedly go out on a limb with predictions, especially when one risks risks having the failed attempts repeatedly brought up by some crazed word butcher. I admire him, but I've also noticed he's not made many predictions in print as of late.

Well, your humble host has decided to gaze into his own crystal balls to derive the future, because I have finally cracked at reading the umteenth "Danica to N-word" articles. Is it even a story to have a marketing rep throw around random unquantifiable numbers by saying that if she decided to race stock cars it would bring $50 Million to Brian France's series? Apparently so.

Enough is enough. We're still in wild speculation mode, but since everyone else is speculating and a few of you have been asking me my opinion via emails and tweets it seems I need to write this post answering the question "Where do you think Danica will be next year?" Not to impress you with my ability of foretelling of the future - I'll leave that to NostraBeekhuis - but rather in the interest of public service. You see, I'm not going to just tell you what I think, *dramatic Jack Arute voice* I'm going to show you WHY I think it.

So here is the evidence for answering the question "Where is Danica going?".

Exhibit A: During her racing career Danica has said about a billion times "I want to win". Actually it's usually been more like "I really, really want to win", because without the "really"s she sounds like Hideki Mutoh or Oriol Servia. You need to add the extra adverbs to show you're a top tier driver.

Exhibit B: Danica is not just a driver; she's also a brand. This is the single most important consideration, because if you think about how Danica has gotten to where she is now it's been significantly more because of her brand than her driving. Not to slight (much less enter into a debate about) her driving ability, the fact is she's spent nearly her entire IRL career in top-level equipment despite having a single win. That's the brand talking, or rather paying for her opportunities, and it's on par with any other driver in this country.

In order for the brand to continue though she has to win more races. She's doesn't necessarily have to be the most dominant driver on the track, but she needs to continue progressing by winning races because without the wins the brand diminishes in it's ability to attract sponsors who will help pay the racing bills.

It's important to look at these two Exhibits first, because this is how even Danica has said she's going to determine where she goes. As someone who already has a pocketful of sponsors it doesn't seem likely that she's looking for her next ride as simply a cash grab. Granted this is a huge presumption on my part, but this isn't Sam Hornish Jr who we're talking about. This is the driver in every other commercial in IndyCar races.

Exhibit C: And with that I present to you something I came across entirely by accident. On the flight to Indianapolis this year the guy next to me was reading the May 2009 issue of "N****R Illustrated". When he was done he asked me if I wanted it, and I would have declined were it not for a picture in the upper right of you-know-who asking "Danica Patrick: N****R bound?". Here's one important quote from the article:

NI: What are the key issues you have to consider (for future racing commitments)?

DP: The most important thing is that I know where I want to be and what I want to be doing. Then it comes down to where I have the best option of running up front. It has to be a very competitive team.
OK, Danica Patrick has spent her entire life in open-wheel racing, from go-karts to IndyCars. Never driven so much as a bomber on a Friday night. What would be the logical presumption of "what I want to be doing"? I'll let you figure that out, and while you think about let me note that only once in the interview does she use the word every other open-wheel jumper used - "challenge" - and in that context she notes "anything new takes time".

So you think the "Danica" brand could wait a few years while sponsors wait to see if she can learn how to drive sufficiently with a loose 3500-pound stock car? Me neither.

Exhibit D: By the way, if you need more proof about "what I want to be doing" is, check this from a recent interview of Danica's with the intrepid Curt Cavin.

"From the first time that I came into IndyCar, I think (I've wanted) to win races as much as possible, to win the Indy 500, to win a championship," she said. "Those are all goals for me from the beginning, it's just that they're probably more realistic now.

"I can't say they're any different; it's just that they're happening."
That seems to speak for itself.

Exhibit E: Alright, suppose if we will that Danica Patrick has decided to race stock cars in the hopes it will bring her a bazillion dollars. For which team would she drive? Sprint Cup teams are limited to four drivers, and there are no more than three or four that can actually put her in a contending ride.

Hendrick is is stocked with Johnson, Gordon, Junior, and the recently renewed contract of Mark Martin. Jack Roush has five drivers for his existing four cars. Joe Gibbs is already developing Joey Logano, so the odds of him taking on two development project seem slim. Perhaps Stewart-Haas would take her, but is a development project something Tony Stewart wants to take on in his second year as an owner?

Suffice it to say right now there isn't an obvious stock car team for Danica.

Exhibit F: Meanwhile, the IndyCar series, where she has already demonstrated to be an accomplished driver, has but two teams that can win races. Team Penske though has two cars and three drivers, and even if they were interested in starting a third team it would be awkward for Penske and his longtime sponsor. Imagine the possibility if Danica won more races than the nameless cigarette company driver did. It's unlikely, but these are the scenarios Roger Penske prepares for every waking hour, and his best preparation is to leave well enough alone.

The other team though is Target Chip Ganassi racing, and that dear friends is where things get interesting.

Exhibit G: Robin Miller says Scott Dixon is talking to Gil de Ferran about joining a new IndyCar team headed by de Ferran. Now why on earth would Dixon be looking at different teams when he has an entry that could put him in Victory Lane in any given race? Well, Chip sorta gave a reason in the most recent issue of ESPN the Magazine.

No wonder team owner Chip Ganassi was, shall we say, less than enthusiastic when Dixon and wife Emma announced they were expecting their first child right around the same time as the July 12 Streets of Toronto race. "I've seen having kids slow down more guys than I've seen it speed them up," Ganassi says. "The guys at the top, the great drivers, seem to slow down."
This could be posturing because Chip (or as other have called him, "Cheap") Ganassi doesn't want to pay Dixon a huge amount to drive for him. Or it could be that Chip has another more cost-effective driver in mind. Or it could be that Chip's longtime sponsor is possibly expressing an interest towards a particular driver. Or it could be all of the above, none of which seems very far fetched.

Exhibit H: As you know, My Name Is IRL has a few sources. Back in March I got an email from one of them that quoted an AGR crew member as saying Danica's people were already inquiring with Chip Ganassi. This isn't evidence of anything since it's like fourth- or fifth-handed info to you, but since that email it has been obvious that Danica and her new marketing team have been working on her, uh, display of personality. Bunnies and rainbows, to be exact. Danica's even baking cookies, which for all I know means she's trying to garner a Betty Crocker sponsorship to help pay for her racing endeavors, but if you were an IndyCar driver walking around with an unparalleled pocketful of sponsorships you'd probably be taking that money to buy the best ride you could find. And we've already determined who would be on that short list.

Exhibit I: Did anyone else notice Marco getting tense with Danica after racing each other late in the race at Texas? Yes? All of you did, right? When was the last time an Andretti got that riled up about a member of the AGR team? That would be the next to last race of '07, when Marco and Michael expressed how upset they were with Dario Franchitti...right before he signed with Chip Ganassi to drive stock cars.

And that was going to be the end of it all, until this afternoon when I found this story brought to our attention by Will of is it May yet?.

Exhibit J: From, of all places, BevNet.

On the heels of a successful Indy 500, HER Energy has partnered with Grocers Supply Company, Inc. for distribution, covering all of Indiana and four surrounding states. The new distributor supports key regions where the beverage is already found at select Target and SuperTarget stores, enhancing the brand's Midwest presence. This expands HER's availability from select Target stores in 37 states, distribution by Viking Beverages in Minnesota and Wisconsin, Albertsons in Florida and boutiques and C Stores throughout Southern California and New York.

HER sponsored an Indy car in this year's Indy 500, qualifying on Day One and finishing the race in 13th place. "May was a great month for the brand and one of the great things to come out of it was a new partnership with Grocers Supply. We were impressed by their enthusiasm and experience, and their ability to act as both a wholesaler and distributor" noted HER CEO Brett Jacobson.

HER expects to run a full season in the Indycar series for 2010.
Let's see: HER is an energy drink for women sold in Target stores. This sounds like excellent news for HER drive Alex Lloyd. Oh wait, he announced he has resigned from Ganassi's team today. Well then who could possibly be in line to drive a HER car?

So based on the evidence that's what I see right now. Maybe she goes to drive stock cars, maybe she stays with AGR, or maybe she decides to take up Bassmasters fishing. The evidence points to one team that already is capable of winning, one that meshes with her lifelong training, one that would give her sponsor awareness in one of the biggest retailers across the nation, and one that gives her a very real chance at winning three or four races per year. I believe they call that "synergy".

And if I'm wrong then I'll join MIKE KING in the fortune-telling unemployment line.

UPDATE: About six hours after I posted this, Robin Miller jumped into the discussion.

INDYCAR: Danica Negotiating To Drive For Ganassi?

Chip Ganassi loves to shock the racing world, as he did by snatching Juan Montoya out of Formula One and bringing him to NASCAR three years ago.

But Ganassi is closing in on a deal at the moment that would not only keep open wheel racing's biggest name away from the clutches of NASCAR, it would likely advance her ascention in Indy cars.

And the 'ol Chipster would be a hero in the IndyCar marketing, public relations and promotions departments.

SPEEDTV.com has learned that Ganassi is in negotiations to sign Danica Patrick for a third car on the Target team for 2010, joining Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti.

In the immortal words of John McClain, "Welcome to the party, pal!"


  1. Allen Wedge // June 10, 2009 2:24 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  2. Allen Wedge // June 10, 2009 2:25 PM  

    I'd only make 1 change to that. HER were the ones who came up with the pinklloyd.com idea. And they (according to Alex interviews) were the ones building the site.


    with 2 babies, I don't imagine Alex would leave his paying contract with Chip to be an unpaid free agent. I have to think Alex is still connected with HER, and they are simply moving on because (as TSO and Cavin have stated) a 3rd Ganassi car by contract needs the same funding as the first 2 and HER isn't likely in the range to do that alone, but likely has enough to go full time with any other team.

    I could be wrong, and they could have abandoned the site & Alex, but Alex was also the one helping the HER owner film his reality show of his dream of being a racer.

    Also considering that HER (and the HER owner/CEO) want to be full time; not sharing space as a Target associate; and that they have now extended their distribution beyond Target (what that story was about) I don't quite see the connection to Danica; but we can always be wrong.

  3. Allen Wedge // June 10, 2009 2:27 PM  

    oh, and Alex totally just plugged HER via his twitter.

    Don't think he's doing that if they leave him.

    But Danica to Ganassi still happens without HER; she has many other backers and potential backers, not to mention Target alone would still love to have her on that team.

  4. pressdog // June 10, 2009 2:29 PM  

    I was thinking today "wouldn't it make sense for HER to sponsor an actual female driver?" Huh. They would probably settle for having Danica as a spokesmodel and a smaller presence on her car.

  5. Auto Racing Daily // June 10, 2009 2:45 PM  

    Everyone is speculating and I could be just as wrong as anyone else, but I just see her price being really high. She has IMG representing her this time and she is in her prime as a "brand" (She is 27). I just think she is going to aim on Alex Rodriguez type money, not Alex Lloyd. Maybe I am giving her too much credit but I think she is going to aim high. Whether she gets it, who knows. But she will aim high. That is what IMG does.

  6. Andy // June 10, 2009 2:49 PM  

    I actually think the new dad, sensitive-man-wears-pink, Lloyd is a better face for a brand positioned like HER is than Danica, especially if his Mrs was willing to be in the ads too. Have got my fingers crossed he's taking the sponsorship with him to run full time next year with them - how about RLR? They seemed to be fairly close to having the money to run this year, they certainly can put a car together, and he's worked with them before...

  7. Declan // June 10, 2009 2:51 PM  

    Target would love her on the end caps of their retail outlets plugging their cosmetics etc.

    Target's unique sponsorship model would be a perfect fit for a Danica car/program as they re-sell specific retail space/in-store campaigns via the car sponsorship.

    It is very easy to see a range of women's brands which are currently sold by Target being leveraged via a Danica race program. The majority of Target's customer base is female and really it could not be a better match.

    In other news, I'm following Jeff & Pressdog's footsteps by appearing on the Fastmachines.com podcast this week.

    My own is tonight at 7pm EST on www.radiolemans.com just click 'Listen Live'.


  8. Jennifer Coomer // June 10, 2009 2:58 PM  

    Not sure about all the HER portion of your prediction. Pink Llyod seems awfully loyal to HER and they to Lloyd. From everything I saw during May it was a great partnership. And I also think they are not locked in to promoting their product just to women (“Men love it with vodka…”).

    But the rest of it totally makes sense. I think Target would LOVE to have Danica as part of their already fantastic marketing campaigns. They put up big dollars and yet we rarely see Dixon (or Wheldon…or as of yet Dario…) on much of anything in stores, let alone commercials. They just aren’t high profile enough. Danica on the other hand…

    There was some speculation about Dixon going to de Ferran’s team on last week’s Trackside show. And at the end of it I was kind of amazed that I thought it all made sense. Maybe Dixon is just ready for a new “challenge”. And sees helping a new team as one. Plus, he may feel he can have a good relationship/partenership with Gil. One day Dixon will no longer be driving the cars. He may want to be an owner. And this is another step in that direction (?).

    I don’t think Danica will ever end up racing a heavy taxi cab. But she has to play the game in order to get the best deal ($$$) she can.

  9. redd carr // June 10, 2009 3:06 PM  

    She is going to make some money, isn't she?

  10. Declan // June 10, 2009 3:09 PM  


    Gil loves Simon Pagenaud too, he was telling us at the last ALMS round in Utah. But, he will be coming into IndyCar with significant Honda money. Panasonic & XM are on the Acura as they are major OEM deals with the Acura/Honda group.

    If that is the case one can assume that De Ferran will be one of the elite Honda teams when the engine regs change. If that is the case (lots of assumptions here but it's fun!)Honda could well want Takuma Sato in the team. So we could be looking at Pagenaud & Sato, Dixon & Pagenaud or Dixon & Sato, with Pagenaud staying in the LMP1 sportscar program.


  11. Leigh O'Gorman // June 10, 2009 4:28 PM  

    @ Dex,

    Considering Honda formed an entire F1 team around Taku Sato, I wouldn't put it beyond them forging a third car for the De Ferran team in the future (should it happen of course)

  12. Iannucci // June 10, 2009 4:37 PM  


    When you speak of "Honda" supporting de Ferran I think you mean "Honda of Japan". I know the Honda Performance and American Honda people would vehemently deny assisting any team in the series.

  13. Anonymous // June 10, 2009 6:25 PM  

    I would hardly consider RLR in 2006 a top ride and NOBODY on that team won a race in 2005, which includes a former Indy 500 winner Buddy Rice and everybodies favorite, Vitor.

  14. Unknown // June 10, 2009 7:15 PM  

    Here's my take, for what it's worth. Danica will go wherever the money is best, hands down. Nobody, and I mean nobody, that calls themselves a "brand" can turn down money that is super-stupid. Now, maybe she's smart enough to go with the longevity money (which I would call IndyCar, Ganassi or whomever). The only way she does this is if she gets a little less money than she would in N* and a whole lot more chance to win. Ganassi is the only hope to hold her. Otherwise, N* has the upper hand still (boo) but that is reality.

  15. Unknown // June 10, 2009 7:17 PM  

    Good call, you beat Darth Miller to the punch... he is reporting Danica is bringing a Fortune 500 sponsor to Ganassi in 2010 for a 3rd car (and got a non-denial from Mike Hull).

  16. Schrementi // June 10, 2009 7:34 PM  

    Great post! But I don't buy that Chip is bored with Dixon. Racing is about winning - Dixon wins, what more could a team owner want.

    Maybe DIXON'S baby's first words will be boogity, boogity!!!

  17. Anonymous // June 10, 2009 7:51 PM  

    Exhibit H in your story seems to be where Miller's "source" that leaked this story to him is coming from.

  18. Anonymous // June 10, 2009 8:04 PM  

    I didnt buy it until the end and then the update was the nail in the coffin.

    There is plenty of room in NASCAR. . .Chip and Dale Racing might have an open spot with Truex likely leaving, and even if he didnt the team started at three cars. Penske has an opening, MWR could have an opening, Red Bull has room, as does the mentioned Tony Stewart team. F1 is the other option, though we done know who will actually be racing in it next year.

    The third Ganassi car does make the most sense, her replacing Scott Dixon makes zero sense.

    Steve K
    Glendale, AZ

  19. Declan // June 10, 2009 8:25 PM  

    @ Jeff,

    I absolutely mean Honda Japan (the Panasonic deal in particular being an OEM deal originating out of Japan. My thought here is that De Ferran will come into the series with the sole intention of being one of the chosen few factory Honda teams when the engines regs open up.

    As for the chap who mentioned F1, Danica has less than zero chance of making it into F1. She simply is not good enough.

    Hats off to Jeff for the logical thinking. It should have dawned on me when Alex Lloyd quit today, although in a later tweet he was still bigging up 'Her;, I wonder if he is taking the drink deal with him to further develop the 'Pink Lloyd' brand. I'm trying to get a hold of him now to come on our show ASAP.


  20. Declan // June 10, 2009 8:27 PM  

    One more bizarro conspiracy theory.

    Any chance that Ganassi is letting Miller hang himself with this story before denying it, especially after the 'TK to TCGR' debacle last year?

  21. Iannucci // June 10, 2009 8:30 PM  


    Excellent point. Might be why Robin said she was negotiating with Chip and not a lock yet.

  22. Anonymous // June 10, 2009 9:44 PM  

    Gee...wouldn't it be nice...just every once in awhile...if an athlete or two would just stay loyal to the team they were on (sorta like, say Reggie Miller did with the Pacers and a FEW others in other sports)instead of just going for the bigger buck?!...just how much do some of these athletes have to be paid to be "comfortable"....Or, better yet, how bout forgetting about a big gargantuan pay raise and just switch teams for the simple reason of bettering your chances?...This is why open door racing is what is and why it isn't the great sport it once was....it's all 'bout the almighty $$$...and we can blame Mr Penske for starting that whole damned mess years ago! Isn't it too bad that once we start making the big bucks we just get greedy for more and forget our humble beginnings?!

  23. Damon // June 10, 2009 9:52 PM  

    @ Steve

    Read the story man, Robin states Ganassi is in talks to put together a 3 car team in 2010 with Danica, Scott Dixon and Dario Franchitti.

    How does that sound like she's replacing Dixon.

    And Dex, why would Ganassi try to lead Miller astray with this Danica story to get back at him for the Kanaan thing last year when Chip himself after the whole thing went down was QUOTED by Miller in the Kanaan stays at AGR article?

  24. AZZO45 // June 10, 2009 10:22 PM  

    (1) Technically Danica was a win in a "tin-top"... not 3600 pounds but her Toyota Celica got her the over-all win @ the LBGP Pro/ Celeb race (beating Trans-Am champ Tommy Kendall...) :) :)

    (2) Danica would bring her own $$$/ sponsors as a potential 3rd car. The TARGET logos would be on her car/ uniform only as a inter-team courtesy deal.... Chip's ICS main man Mike Hull mentioned if she had certain $$$ to bring to CGR!!!

    TARGET & Danica would be a good branding... but I bet Andretti is a nicer boss than Chip!!! :) :)

  25. Damon // June 11, 2009 3:05 AM  

    Danica to F1?


  26. Will Overhead // June 11, 2009 4:25 AM  

    for what it's worth, Seg was talking about this on the Truckin' Bozo Show last night

  27. Sarah Fan // June 11, 2009 5:00 AM  

    AZZO45 - better check your Toyota Challenge results from Danica's year. She won the pro side of the race over Kendall - she did NOT win the overall. Dara Torres did. Everybody, and I mean everybody, seems to forget this little detail in their Danicamania.

    I am so tired of Danica revisionist history, when the facts are out there for anyone who cares to look for them.

  28. Anonymous // June 11, 2009 9:32 AM  

    You're correct, Sarah Fan.

    She won the Pro category, beating Tommy Kendall and... Sarah Fisher.

  29. J.J. // June 11, 2009 4:29 PM  

    I'm sick to death (oky, that's sarcasm) about the possibility that Danica would leave the IRL and go to Nascar or F1...

    Well, it won't happen.


    She's already admited (in effect anyway) that all she is doing is "negotiating" the best deal possible...

    That won't be with any team in Nascar for a couple of reasons, 1. What team would she go with? Hendrick? Booked up. Gibbs? Geez, they already have their hands full with Kyle Bush. Two prima donnas on the same team? Joe Gibbs would forget his christian vows and kill somebody. RCR? Ummm...we're talking front line teams for Danica, right? RCR out. Roush? Who would she replaced? Right. Roush out. Stewart-Hass? Ummm...no. Stewart is old school, girls kiss the winning driver, they aren't the winning driver (which is also why stewart won't be coming back to the IRL anytime soon).

    Hmmmm...Who's left. Yates? Don't make me laugh. Waltrip? Front line teams, remember? Red Bull? Same as Waltrip. Ganassi? Oh, yeah. That'll happen. Montoya would be thrilled. Penske? Uhhh...nope. Inconsistent at best. Out.

    Hmmm...Oooooo...I know! Jr's team? Ummm...Okay, I'm done laughing now. Hmmmm...Robbie Gordon? They would be the perfect teammates. Okay, let's be serious here. Nascar is out--BESIDES, it's a boy's club and the reason present day Indy Car drivers don't succeed there right away is because they've never raced on dirt or wrestled a sprint car...

    Danica and Nascar: Out.

    Formula 1? Geez...if Nascar is a boys club, then surely F1 is a Men's Only Gym. Besides where would she go? No front line team wants an American (hell, they don't even race in North America anymore) and Danica wouldn't settle for being 2nd and have to follow team orders...

    So, what's left?

    Ganassi (with maybe Nascar down the road, but I doubt it...

    Maybe Chip will hire Dan Wheldon back, wouldn't that be fun, Dan and Danica, together again? Maybe even toss in Milka Duno, just for added kicks...

    Danica stays in the IRL--provided Tony George doesn't screw up the IRL, of course.

  30. stand b // June 11, 2009 7:01 PM  

    Great story Iannucci!

  31. Leigh O'Gorman // June 12, 2009 5:55 AM  

    Does the confirmation that USF1 will be on the grid for Formula 1 next year give any more of a possibilty of Danica heading across series'?

  32. Jennifer Coomer // June 12, 2009 7:38 AM  

    A THIRD car! Ahhh haaa! Holy Sweet Pink Llyod!

  33. Damon // June 12, 2009 9:15 AM  


    Absolutely not

  34. AZZO45 // June 12, 2009 11:37 AM  

    SarahFan: I guess you missed the subtle HUMOR in me comparing the Toyota Pro/ Celeb race to NASCAR!!!!!!! Come on man its called JOKES!!!

    Also in your HATE for Danica you also missed that "winner" Dana Torres & the other celeb drivers start 30-45 seconds AHEAD of the pro drivers!!! The pros usually pass the stars in those races... Danica still beat Tommy & your girl Sarah.

    Why are Sarah Fisher fans so BITTER about Danica? Derrick Walker cars in the Jack Miller era IRL were topline cars, yet Ms. Fisher never WON. So much for your argument that Sarah could win in Danica's AGR equipment! Talk about revisionist history.

  35. Sarah Fan // June 12, 2009 12:01 PM  

    AZZO45, can I have some of whatever it is you are smoking? I merely corrected your erroneous comment that Danica won overall that year, as she definitely didn't. If Ms. Torres started 30-45 sec. ahead of Danica, Ms. Torres still had to have some kind of driving ability, since Danica still wasn't able to get past her for the overall win. I'm sure there's some conspiratorial reason why that happened.

    I'm not bitter about Danica. As I said, I just get truly tired, frustrated, and fed up at all the hype for someone that really doesn't deserve it on performance. I love racing, and I in a sport that I want to watch without the "checking in with Danica" every 5 minutes as if she's some megadriver, and the mandatory prerace interviews with her week after week after week. I said nothing about Sarah Fisher in my post, whatsoever. You have never, ever seen me post that Sarah could win in Danica's equipment. I have never said that Sarah's better than Danica. Go pick on someone else. Don't go after me for something I never said.

    If your strange post was simply because I used Sarah Fan as my name, I will simply start using something else, and then maybe you won't go after me simply because I am a Sarah Fan.

    I stand by my comment regarding finding Danica's real history, not the revisionist one. It's easy to find, but must people prefer the hype.

  36. AZZO45 // June 12, 2009 11:04 PM  

    Sarah Fan: Again my original comments were meant as a NASCAR related joke... you got all anal & keyed in on my MISTAKE that the PRO DRIVERS (Danica Tommy, Sarah & one other) did not win overall. Perhaps you are the one that should "smoke something..."!!! CHILL

    The race has ALWAYS featured the celebs starting with a headstart to even out the race... WITHOUT that head start the pro drivers would qualify 1-2-3-4 & rocket out to a staggering lead (& probably even lap some of the celebs much earlier than they already do.

    OMG! Sign Dana Torres up with an Indycar (or any pro) team... she held off TWO Indycar pilots & a 9-time (?) Road Racing champion (Tommy Kendall). You seem to imply I mislead folks here by promoting Danica to overall champ of the LBGP's Toyota Pro/ Celebrity Race.... your right SF, Danica or Tommy should have applied the chrome horn to Ms. Torres & made the post race PR real fun...GEEZ

    Your right she's a F'ing FRAUD!!! Tommy Kendall WANTED to be walked like a dog in pitlane by Danica. He threw the race & let the swimmer win so he could LOSE his bet & get some TV time.

    With your outrage over the "true winner" of that LBGP celeb race you seem to fit the mold of the typical Danica -Hater.

    SO... you are correct. I can not attribute ACTUAL QUOTES of you saying "... if Sarah Fisher had Danica's level of equipment...". I offer my apologies for implying that. I made the comments though due to your protest of results of a celeb. race. The anti- Danica crowd used to start with a review of her resume... never won, PR creation, the other women drivers had more class, talent, etc

    BTW, Danica is reported on every race because "casual fans" look for her. When the IRL is desperately trying to build an audience on its new TV network, please excuse them if they use one of the most famous/ recognized women athletes

    That is not my opinion, check the numerous polls, & stats for women athletes. People follow stories. Michelle Wie ranks as the most recognized golfer on the LPGA. She's won NOTHING, but people want to know her progress in every tournament she enters (for both good & bad reasons...) Let Danica go to NAPCAR & see what happens to the ICS!!!

    Is she the greatest... of course not... but she is the best of the women drivers & her results back that up. Those results also will give us future women drivers who won't have to struggle like Janet Guthrie, Lyn St. James & others did.

    PEACE "Sarah-Fan"....

    ... just laugh at the lame NASCAR (via Celeb Race) joke next time!!!