No GoDaddys shown during US Open

Posted by Iannucci | 6/21/2009 | 1 comments »
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So much for those "Danica to turn pro golfer" rumors.

According to website sales company, Lexus, Japanese automaker Toyota's luxury brand, is blocking a commercial starring Danica Patrick in a vintage Ford Mustang from airing during the United States Open. Wait, seriously? Apparently, yes.

GoDaddy was to air its "Speeding" commercial twice during the United States Open this weekend. The ad features GoDaddy gal-pal Danica Patrick in a vintage, American-made Ford Mustang. Late yesterday, GoDaddy was informed Lexus didn't want "Speeding" to air. As the exclusive sponsor of the NBC broadcast, Lexus declared no other automakers can be shown in commercials airing during the United States Open.

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To paraphrase our buddy Meesh, "I call Banana Splits!"

This has nothing to do with Toyotas and Mustangs, people. If you've ever seen a golf telecast you know that for the last few years they've been drowning their audience with innumerable ads with happy little fellows singing "Viva Viagra!" Lexus is smart enough to know dropping a little striptease action on this crowd would pretty much end their viewing window. Of course, they can't say that because, well, that would be an awkwardly worded press release to say the least.


  1. mmack // June 21, 2009 9:41 AM  

    Idea for next GoDaddy commercial:

    Open with Danica! standing next to a Lexus on the side of a road in the middle of the desert. The Lexus has its hood up and a column of steam venting from the radiator, a spreading pool of coolant underneath. A very unhappy Ms. Patrick-Hospenthal leans against the fender with her cell phone awaiting a tow truck, muttering "I shoulda took the Mustang!" A biker clad in black rolls up next to her. Biker stops, pulls off helmet revealing a sexy woman with long, flowing blond/brunette/red hair. Insert "hair commercial shot" of long flowing hair circling around lady biker's face. Woman on bike notices Danica!, says "Hey, I know you, you're that GoDaddy(tm) Girl!" Ms. Patrick-Hospenthal mentions about her car being broken down, sexy lady biker offers lift. Close with Ms. Patrick-Hospenthal on back of cycle, stating ", we're always ready to help!", before cycle, sexy biker and Danica! roar off into the distance.

    Dun-Dun-Dunna-Dun-Dun GoDaddy!