Pressdog scores again with Dallara interview

Posted by Iannucci | 3/04/2010 | , | 1 comments »
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This whole new media thing might be working out after all, as hot on the heels of his in depth conversation with Swift Engineering's Mark Page comes another thoughtful discussion with a representative from another 2012 chassis designer not involved with "Delta Wing". It's crazy, I know.

This time Andrea Toso of Dallara gets to represent.

On priorities:

Toso said Dallara’s approach to car design focuses on “the 3S of Racing,” -- Safety, Strength and Speed.

“You need Safety first; if you are fine with Safety, then you move to Strength, which includes engineering strength (reliability) and marketing (economics, costs, support and distribution ); if you are fine with Strength, then you move to Speed (which is performance). Anytime you have an issue in the Safety or Strength department, you have to address it right away, even by conceding on Speed.”
On cost reduction:

Dallara says it’s designs would reduce chassis costs by 45%. Much of that savings, Toso said, will come from being able to design a car for the league as it is today.

“The current chassis was designed in 2002, in an era of strong competition between chassis and between engine manufacturers, when oval races were the only format; so the car was designed to host a variety of wheelbase and track width options, multiple aero parts, pull rod front suspension (to reduce drag etc.),” Toso said. “By 2005, it had to be adapted to road courses, by 2007 it became de facto a single chassis – single engine series, as competition went away.”
There's so much more discussed - from open source, to the competition, to plans for building the chassis in Indianapolis - that if you have any interest in the 2012 design I highly urge you to read the entire post. If you don't have the time now then print it out and take it to the restroom as "reading material", strategically leaving it behind so someone else can absorb the depth of article as well. (You think I'm joking? How do you think I learned so much about computers?)

As a side note, I don't know about you but I'm excited about the possibilities of this increase in participation in IndyCar journalism from non-traditional outlets. Who knows what scoops the future holds.

"Perez Hilton discovers Team 3G driver plans for 2010..."

"Harvard Law Review has determined Danica Patrick unaffected by weight restrictions..."

" reports Dario and Ashley adopting Hatian orphan..."

"Gizmodo has learned Roger Penske will purchase Greece..."


  1. Declan // March 05, 2010 6:40 AM  

    Good stuff.

    But I wish P'dog asked the obvious question about when their solution would be built and tested and whether they thought it was possible to have 25 cars for March 2012 and 33-40 for May 2012. That is important. Particularly if the powers that be decide to go in the direction of a spec series.

    Swift told me yesterday that they would not have a prototype ready to test until Summer of 2011 and they were confident they could have 25 cars built for March 2012.

    My worry is that Dallara have simply produced concepts/drawings (which is all they actually have done) and Swift have simply produced better drawings with better photoshop. Based on what Swift told us yesterday, that is the case.

    You can hear more on our IndyCar preview show next Tuesday evening on We will also have an exclusive interview with Randy Bernard and the nice chaps at Lola. We also have the DW people lined up but right now, we can't fit them in!


    P.S. Thanks to Jeff for the rather shameless plug at the end (above).