Questions for new CEO Randy Bernard

Posted by Declan | 3/01/2010 | 3 comments »
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Hello all,

The nice people at 'Midweek Motorsport' at are putting together their 'IndyCar: State of the Series' show for broadcast next week prior to the start of the IndyCar season in Brazil. We are hoping to talk to representatives from Swift, Lola and Delta Wing as well as input from Marco Andretti, Gil De Ferran, Marshall Pruett (SPEEDTV) and Sam Collins (Race Car Engineering).

As central part of the show will be our chat with new IndyCar Series CEO, Randy Bernard. So here is YOUR chance to get your questions to the new boss. You can post them in the comments section here, or you can post them on the dedicated thread on the show's facebook page.

In the mean time, if you were wondering how Randy did on his first day in the office at 16th and Georgetown, we can exclusively show you right here (below).


  1. Anonymous // March 01, 2010 4:59 PM  

    To Dex:

    After reading the questions of Facebook, I guess a lot of fans think that Mr. Bernard will be up to speed on technical and political issues from day #1. A bit of breathing room is in order, don't you think?

    To Mr. Bernard:

    The participation of the Boy Scouts of America in the Izod IndyCar Series is an opportunity to welcome over 2 million young fans, and their families, to our community. Are there any steps that can be taken at the Series management level to insure that this endorsement will be fully represented at the ractrack for every event? Thanks and best wishes for a successful 2010.

    Andy Bernstein

  2. fanofpower // March 02, 2010 4:27 AM  

    Never thought the Indy Car Series could be funnier than Saturday Night Live!

  3. NaBUru38 // March 05, 2010 3:28 PM  

    Dear Bernard, How will you decide which direction to push the oval vs road vs street circuit, (North) American vs foreign, show vs gladiator spirit, niche vs masses balances?