Oh, Danica!

Posted by Iannucci | 4/04/2006 | 0 comments »
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In case you did not know, Danica! is releasing a biography, which is slightly troubling since she should be out making history instead of recollecting it. She’s not the only person to conform to the excersice known as “cashing in,” and it’s a perfectly sound financial decision with the Indianapolis 500 approaching. It’s not as bad as back in 1996, when a 13-year-old gymnast wrote a biography that no one was particularly clamoring to read.

Nonetheless, you would think since Danica! was taking up a serious endeavor such as writing that she would attempt to portray herself as a serious figure.

Instead, she has elected to portray herself as having a serious figure. I repeat, this is supposed to be 200+ pages of a biography, although in judging a book by its cover “Crossing the Line” looks more like a pictorial calendar. Maybe, deep down she really wants to be a Bond girl.

We ARE all writers now, but some of us look better in evening gowns. Then again, I don’t think that outfit is fire retardant.