I Am Not Mindy

Posted by Iannucci | 4/03/2006 | 0 comments »
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I assume by now everyone has heard the “I Am Indy” song(?) more than a few times while watching the racing. If not, you can go over to the IRL web site and watch the video if you feel so inclined. Now, I appreciate the league is trying to increase it’s visibility, but this is just way wrong in so many ways.

1. In all truth, it sounds like “I am Mindy,” which unless you are Pam Dawber makes no sense to chant repeatedly.

2. There are apparently no words other than “I am Mindy,” which renders the song boring even during a 30 second clip.

3. If you are going to pay Gene Simmons – who no one will ever confuse with Cole Porter – an unknown gob of cash to write a song, you should make sure you get an entire song. If there were 3+ minutes of material here you might be able to get some radio airplay, but as it is you just get spot material.

4. Does anyone know the name of this band that, uh, sings this? Dirtbag? Feedbag? Who are these guys?

5. A few years ago John Mellencamp had a little tune they featured in their spots, but that didn’t exactly boost the popularity of the series. Explain to me how Gene Simmons – who hasn’t had a hit in 20 years – would work instead.

I’m not in charge of IRL Marketing, but how about this for an idea. Have you seen those American Express commercials where Robert Deniro, Ellen DeGeneres and M. Night Shyamalan make their own spots? Well, those work really well. How about you get Simmons, Mellencamp, 3 Doors Down (who were inexplicably performing “Kryptonite” during driver introductions last year at Mindy, er, Indy) and any other band to do their own songs and videos with IRL clips? Surely that would be a lot more interesting than the Mindy song.

I know we’re only a few races in, but can we lose the tune before May? The passive, Indy 500-only fans are going to laugh at this Mindy nonsense…except, of course, Pam Dawber.