The World Famous Ed Carpenter George

Posted by Iannucci | 4/01/2006 | 0 comments »
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Good news for Ed Carpenter-George, who has been released from the hospital. Bad news for ECG is he will not be racing this Sunday in St Petersburg. It’s probably for the best since ECG should avoid the race this weekend and should attend his religious institution of choice to thank the Almighty he was not killed by an errant Paul Dana last week.

Also, in case you did not know the immortal Roberto Moreno will be piloting ECG’s ride this weekend. Longtime race fans will remember Moreno as being very old. In fact, having both Moreno and Eddie Cheever Jr running laps this week begs the question: Is Danny Ongais not available to drive?

Regardless of how ECG spends his weekend, I have to wonder if he won’t appear at a booth selling these. If I were to ask the casual IRL fan – for example, my six-year-old daughter – to name some drivers I’m sure I would hear Danica!, Spiderman, Sam, and maybe That Guy With The Accent Who Won Indy Last Year. Which would explain why all four of those racers have merchandise sales at the IRL Store. But ECG shirts? Come on, his sponsor is his stepdad.

I still can’t tell whether or not he’s a good driver since he seems to have inferior equipment, but if the good folks at the IRL are going to be hawking ECG shirts then they should do Scott Sharp or Dario Franchitti the honor of offering their merchandise as well. You know, they have actually been to victory lane a time or two.