Raceday at St. Petersburg

Posted by Iannucci | 4/02/2006 | 0 comments »
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Road courses are always odd to watch in the America since the cars are seriously under-powered compared to the insanely supercharged Formula One racers. Sure, it’s a better test of driving skill to have to brake and make right turns, but it’s like having the NFL incorporate a few Soccer games in the schedule. Something just doesn’t seem right.

For anyone who has ever asked me my opinion on the subject of a CART/IRL merger – all 3 of you – I have suggested having parallel series with a defined Oval and Road course schedule. Drivers could participate in one or both, and you would award best driver award in each category as well as an overall award. It’s not perfect, but it beats what NASCAR does by having a couple races to make most of their regular drivers look silly while guys like Boris Said run rings around them.

Anyhow, race is on ESPN today at 3:30pm EST. Mr. Judd has the pole.