Marco AND MARIO To Test F1

Posted by Iannucci | 1/03/2007 | 1 comments »
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On first glance it would appear there are typos in the newswire today, but upon further inspection the stories are actually accurate. Sport Network is reporting both Marco and Mario Andretti will be returning to test Formula One vehicles for Honda in the near future. Yes, Mario – who was last seen demonstrating aerobatic maneuvers at IMS in 2004 – will be hopping back into a Formula One car.

As Derek Daly would say, “Hold on to your hollyhocks.”

"I would like to try out a modern F1 car myself," Andretti told Gazzetta dello Sport. "Yes, the cockpits are tighter nowadays, but I haven't become too wide..."
No word on what circuit Mario will be navigating in his first venture in Formula One since 1982. Mario also said that Andretti 3.0 would be along for the trip and anticipates a little more Honda testing for his grandson. You may recall Marco had a test with Honda a few weeks ago, no doubt to gauge the young man’s abilities towards a future departure from the IRL. I am gradually coming to accept this reality, but I hope we have a few successful years in the IndyCar series before this actually happens.

As for the F1 test, I hope Mario can keep it safe and enjoy the ride. I know Mario isn't exactly auditioning for a job, but it would be pretty funny if his time was anywhere near Marco's.

In case you were wondering, they do have a Senior’s Circuit for, uh, seasoned Formula One drivers. It’s called Grand Prix Masters, and Old Man Cheever managed to scare up a vicvtory at Silverstone last August. Former CART driver Nigel Mansell scored some wins as well.


  1. pressdog // January 03, 2007 1:57 PM  

    Mario. Seriously. Don't run over anyone. Why doesn't F1 just come out and announce Young Marco is in for 2008? Who are we kidding here. Once he gets that stepping-stone Indy 500 win.